Free Antivirus Protection from BitDefender

These days, there’s a lot of options when it comes to antivirus software. Thankfully, you don’t have to break the bank to protect yourself. Bitdefender has released a complete line of free tools to protect you against common threats. Here’s a breakdown of how they can help keep your PC safe.

Quickscan cloud-based virus scanner requires a browser plugin, and will scan your computer’s memory to detect any existing threats. Like other online scans, Quickscan stops short of removing viruses and other attacks, but will identify existing problems alerting you to take further action.

To eliminate any threats that Quickscan detects we recommend purchasing BitDefender's Total Security 2014, newly released. Grab one of the great deals listed on our Bitdefender coupon page.

Safego aims at safeguarding your social networks by preventing scams, spam, and other common attacks. Don’t allow fake a “free flight” or new app to “see you viewed your profile” target you when a free tool can stop it!

9 of 10 email messages and 8 out of 10 blog comments are spam! Bitdefender 4blogs and FRAMS examine your email and the WordPress blogs you visit to determine if contents contain spam. These tools help clean up your online experience. Expect future versions to expand protection to other blog platforms.

TrafficLight is a stand-alone program that works with Windows-compatible browsers to scan websites you browse to identify malware and phishing attempts and block potentially harmful elements. The interface remains hidden, but can easily be recalled allowing you to see whether the program deems a site unsafe.

USB Immunizer is a must have for anyone traveling and sharing files with new acquaintances via a USB drive or SD card. Don’t let a simple exchange of photos infect your computer when a free immunizer can keep you safe!

Bitdefender often uses their free tools to help further innovations in Internet security, including premiering many features in Beta for free before incorporating them into their paid platforms. However, if you find that your computer has a virus, or if you want complete all-in-one safety, you'll want a Bitdefender coupon before purchasing a comprehensive antivirus defense.

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