Free Norton Antivirus Scan

What is Norton Security Scan and why is it free?

Norton Security Scan is a free download that will scan your PC for threats and security risks. If any viruses or serious risks are detected you will see a "fix now" option - which is another way of saying Norton will recommend one of their antivirus products based on your scan results. Essentially you get a free scan, and if you decide to purchase you'll get 40% off and you won't overpay for protection you don't need.Scan for threats & security risksSee recommended protection 40% off if you purchase 

free norton download

Download instructions

1.  Click the download button above
2.  Run the “Setup.exe” file to install the software
3.  Your scan will begin automatically 

How does it work?

After you download and run the Setup.exe file you will be prompted to install the software.

install norton security scan

Norton Security Scan will then download the latest antivirus updates. This is to ensure your PC is scanned using the most current threat information and virus definitions. After the download is finished your scan will start automatically.

norton security scan in progress

When the free scan is complete you will see a system security report and any threats that were detected. If you see a "fix now" option that means based on your scan results Norton will recommend antivirus software that provides the protection you are currently lacking. Click "fix now" to get 40% off the recommended Norton antivirus software. If you're looking for discounts on all Norton antivirus software check out our Norton Coupon Codes page.

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