Fun Wedding Facts: How Normal is Your Relationship?

Weddings and everything that goes with them are a huge business that earns billions per year. It is little surprise that retailers would be interested in learning more about romantic trends, because then they can learn how to service that demographic better.

Show Me the Engagement Rock

XO Group is responsible for the network made up of the Wedding Channel and According to their annual poll the average US engagement ring is 1.4 total carats worth approximately $5,200. There are ways to cut costs on a ring such as Zales coupons. About half the population opts for a round cut, and 30% of them choose princess cut diamonds. The preferred metal is white gold; 75% of brides and grooms agree that it matches everything.

Average Length of Engagement

The Huffington Post reports that 40% of couples are engaged for 13-18 months before they tie the knot. In second place, 27% of engagees put off the ceremony for 7-12 months, while 23% last 19-24 months. Six percent of the poll indicated they were engaged for over 24 months. And the 4% of the population rushes to marriage in under six months. Meanwhile 48% of new couples are waiting 1-6 months to say "I love you," and 41% have said it in under a month.

On Hiring a Wedding Planner

If you don’t want to hire a wedding consultant you are not alone. Over 68% of the couples polled by the Wedding Paper Divas opted to do it themselves. About 18% hired a wedding planner from day one, while 11% get extra help for the last few weeks or on the big day. The Wedding Report states that the average cost of a wedding in the United States is $25,000. Most people invite over 100 guests but less than 200. The most popular colors for decor are blue and purple.

Where to Go for a Honeymoon

These days, honeymoons are not the only option for espousal travel. Destination weddings are more popular than ever before. At least 60% of lovers in twain consider eloping at some point during their engagement. The vast majority of newlyweds will take a honeymoon, and 60% of them will do it in a foreign country. The most popular places to sanctify the union are Las Vegas, Hawaii, and Jamaica. Most Americans like to take their nuptials some place tropical.

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