Game of Chromebooks: Grumpy Cat vs. Boo

Shopping smart is an advanced skill. It takes practice, knowledge, and an extreme level of determination. To participate in a smart shopper challenge would mean that the challengers consider themselves to be elite shoppers, money-saving royalty, and worthy of the coupon-covered throne.

We have created such a challenge, folks. But this is a cutthroat battle, and things might get ugly. Oh, and this round is not one to be missed. The challengers? In one corner we have the most irritated feline on the planet, Grumpy Cat. In the other corner stands her delightfully adorable opponent, Boo the Dog.

All of America and the 7 Kingdoms will be watching to see who comes out on top and wins not only the throne and serious bragging rights, but the coveted Toshiba Chromebook (which just so happens to be the hottest new tech toy on the market, partially because of the wonderfully affordable price). Ms. Grump and Mr. Boo both understand the value of a dollar, and since a brand new Toshiba Chromebook costs only about 300 of them, they are ready to go head to head in order to win. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised to see someone throw down a Toshiba coupon code up in herrrre.

We’ll capture all the strategic moves, the smack talk, and crown the smartest shopper of the two below!

Ready? Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!

Round 1: Research and read reviews

It all begins with the research when you’re buying a big ticket item. You don’t want to make a mistake and buy something that won’t enhance your everyday life. Reviews and research are the bread and butter of smart shopping.

Grumpy Cat - I am Grumpy Cat. Research is for dogs.

Boo - I’m on it! I see that the Toshiba Chromebook has excellent reviews for its super speedy Haswell processor – making it faster than the HP Chromebook, even with multiple tabs open! It also seems to have a long lasting battery, which I really need because my famous photographs aren’t going to Instagram themselves, are they?

Round 2: Price comparisons

Grumpy Cat - I’m an Amazon Prime Member. I do not compare prices.  

Boo - Thanks for pointing that out, Grumpy Cat! Amazon is offering a great deal on this for Prime Members, with a 2-year warranty as an additional cost. But actually, even though the cost for the Chromebook is less on Amazon, the 2-year warranty add-on is actually more, so it’s about even in the end.

Round 3: Pick a retailer

Grumpy Cat - You’re really starting to interfere with my nap.

Boo - I prefer to buy big items like this directly from the retailer, so I’ll be buying right from Toshiba!

Round 4: Purchase wisely

Grumpy Cat - Anything I purchase is purchased wisely because I am wise. Now, go away.

Boo - I love, love, LOVE this part of the process. I’ve done all of my homework and now I’m about to be rewarded. Ordering directly from Toshiba certainly makes it easier to find an applicable coupon code, so I’ll check for any deals before I confirm my order.

Well, out of these two heavyweights, I think we’ve found our winner. Although Grumpy Cat offered some great tips (despite the fact that we were clearly disturbing him the whole time), Boo was thorough, enthusiastic, and ultimately, the King of Smart Shopping. Boo, we are your humble servants, and as our King, we shall hang on your every word.

Grumpy Cat - This isn’t over, little pup. That throne shall be mine…...

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