Get ‘50s Vintage Style for $50 or Less!

Vintage style is huge right now. And with the abundance of crop tops, harem pants, and the unfortunate return of acid wash (WHY?!), it’s no wonder we’re tapping into an era of fashion that was both flattering and classic. Cinched waists and full bodied skirts, dramatic lips set against soft colors, practical and versatile styles that accentuate femininity. It was certainly a good decade to revisit for women’s style.

But just because you’re looking to resurrect an old look, doesn’t mean you should have to pay premium prices. Light in the Box has a great selection of shoes, dresses, accessories and cosmetics, all at unbeatable prices. And for an even better deal on your digs, use a Light in the Box coupon code at checkout.

Here’s how you can get the full ‘50s pin up look for $50 or less!

TS VINTAGE Swing Dress - $30.79

This gorgeous frock is perfect for a night out. You can dress it up with a classic updo and some glam heels, or you could wear your hair in soft waves with some comfortable flats. At only $30, it’s certainly a steal.

Ladies Lovely Bow Crossbody Bag - $11.19

Any of the available colors would look stunning with the black dress. But since we’re going for a bold vintage look, I’d recommend the red.

Fashion Shimmer Glitter Moisten Lipstick - $5.69

I chose the red bag to match the lip color. If you want to make a statement, red lips is certainly the way to do it. This look can be intimidating. I know I’m always afraid of looking like the scary clown from It. But the accompanying look is really half the battle. If you go with a vintage ensemble, the red lip will work.

Color Stamp Nail Polish for Nail Art Printing - $1.99

Last but not least, is the nail color. Let’s just go with a red nail and call it a day, eh? It’s a suggestion, but it’s certainly not a rule. Any color nail would work with this look. And since the full outfit is made of solid colors, give a nail art design a try and shake things up!

Total cost for this look: $49.66

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