Get a Job in the Great Recession:

Go From Fired to Hired With These 5 Tips From CouponPal +Cengage Brain

Times are tough. If you're currently on the job hunt, then you know how challenging it is to find and land your dream (or any) position. From resume writing to applying online, updating your LinkedIn, working with recruiters, basic cold calling, interviewing, and following up – looking for a job can be well, a full time job. Today we at CouponPal have teamed up with Cengage Brain to help you make your mark in the help wanted and fine-tune your employment seeking skills with these top five tips to get a job in the great recession.

5. Get Personal The Professional Way

A resume, cover letter, and recommendation are all expected. A little personal touch goes a much longer way and taking out time to really connect with a quick handwritten note or thank you email can show that you’re interested and set you apart from the other mass applicants. Get creative and try out unconventional tools like a blog or video intro to stand out in a sea of overqualified. Jumpstart your professional networking by picking up the Best Practices in Social Networking COURSENOTES, a quick six-panel reference card and make social media work for you.

4. Dress The Part

You should look as polished as your resume. A few style suggestions are always in fashion: Less is always more so travel light and avoid wearing distracting graphics, patterns, hair, and cologne or perfume. Invest in one nice suit and get the right tailoring or alterations to make sure it is properly fitted to flatter your body, height, and proportions.

3. Do Your Research

Be prepared and do your homework well before the interview. Lookup both the position and the company, the people who work there along with their corporate culture, policies, procedures, and most importantly – politics. Being informed lets them know you really want to work there and can also help you decide if it’s a career vs. just a check. Use Questia to help you get through the details. Questia offers over 70,000 books, academic and peerreviewed journals, magazines, newspapers, and 6+ million articles from scholarly sources – you’ll be in the know like a pro with 1, 6, and 12-month subscriptions.

2. Keep Current With Online Education

Let’s be honest – it’s been awhile since many of us on the market have been inside a classroom. Just because you’re no longer intern aged doesn’t mean you can’t keep up. Give yourself a quick refresher by reserving an e-seat in Course360 Web Design Bundle +Adobe Flash CS4 Revealed, a series of step-by-step tutorial to introduce you to Flash CS4 Professional features like animation, special effects, drawing objects, incorporating sound and video, and ActionScript. Or set aside the papers and exams and take a study break with CengageBrain Picture Yourself series designed to boost your brain (and your bulletpoints) on subjects like Microsoft Office, Building A Website With Joomla!, and Signing ASL.

1. Revamp Your Resume

Jobs are limited and with hundreds of inquiries, emails, and applications coming in – you only get one chance to make a great impression. Your resume is the first thing a potential employer sees and gets you in the door. Make sure you don’t get shut out due to sloppy sentences, spelling errors, and outdated details. Keep the copy clean, simple, and straightforward. Try putting extra effort into your cover letter so it speaks directly to the specific company and job that you’re applying for. Read through Packaging Yourself: The Targeted Resume, which includes samples of successful resumes and case studies and walks you through the entire Five O'Clock Club approach to developing a resume that compliments you.

Now that you’ve gotten a chance to review our five insider tips, you’ll be back on the payroll track in no time. While Cengage Brain gives you the goods to get your corner office, we at CouponPal are delivering deals to suit every budget – from entrepreneur to executive to entry level. Take advantage of a Cengage Brain coupon code at checkout today and prepare to move up on the savings ladder.

By: Stephanie

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