Get Pumped For Pi Day With These 12 Funny Pi Day Memes

Pi Day is coming up! What’s Pi Day, you say? It’s a day to celebrate the beautiful convergence of the date – 3/14 – and the one-of-a-kind pi, 3.14159………..

Basically, it’s the one day every year that it’s totally acceptable to eat all the pie you want and crack really cheesy math jokes to your heart’s content. What could be better? In honor of the nerdy delightfulness that is Pi Day, we present you these 12 chuckle-worthy Pi Day memes:

1. Get ready.


Are you truly, honestly ready for Pi Day? This Pi Day meme reminds you to please actually get yourself together, because Pi Day, however fun it is, is not a joke.

2. Hit the books.


How many digits of Pi do you know? I hope it’s more than that kid sitting next to you. Yeah, that’s right. If you’re intellectually (and especially memorizationally) inclined, Pi Day is your day to shine. Go out there and show ‘em what you got.

3. Ignore the haters.


On Pi Day, Europeans are inevitably going to be making things difficult – “There is no Pi Day! You write the date wrong!” – and other nonsense. That’s just how it has to be, when they’re so jealous that Amurca has an awesome holiday and they don’t. You need to mentally prepare yourself to deal with people, who like this Pi Day meme will try to convince you that Pi Day is a figment of your imagination.

4. Like I said, just ignore them.


It doesn’t matter that almost the whole rest of the world doesn’t write the date like we do. What does matter is that we were gifted Pi Day by the grace of our “weird” date writing convention, and by golly we’re going to celebrate.

5. This is an especially important Pi Day.


This year it’s 3/14/15. That’s right. An even more intense Pi Day than normal, so you better get ready to rock those math jokes and stuff your face with pie with more gusto than ever before.

6. Speaking of math jokes...


This Pi Day meme has got a pretty good one (alright, it’s kind of cheesy, but that’s kind of the point). And you better believe you’re going to hear a lot better ones.

7. Like this one...


I mean, yeah, we all like celebrating Pi Day, but can you imagine what it would be like to actually be married to pi? Sounds frustrating if you ask me.

8. Prepare yourself for a healthy dose of puns, too.


As this Pi Day meme proves, pins and math jokes go together like peanut butter and jelly. Or like pie and ice cream, really.

9. Keep your bad attitude at home.


If you’re not willing to tolerate cheesy math jokes, do everyone a favor and avoid celebrating Pi Day. Consider this Pi Day meme fair warning.

10. No one’s too cool for Pi Day.


Don’t be like this hipster cat Pi Day meme and try to pull some tau or theta or whatever nonsense, it’s PI DAY!

11. This year, take your Pi Day game to the next level.


Don’t let it stop at math jokes and slices of pie!

12. Because...


She said it. She speaks the truth. But Pi Day is an especially good time for pie.

Happy Pi Day!

By: CouponPal

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