Get Rid of that Old Computer Once and For All

It’s time to face it. There have been amazing advances in the field of computer technology since the '90s. No longer are homo sapiens forced to stare at the screen for several minutes or hours as it loads painfully slowly. In fact, new and refurbished desktop computers and laptops are readily available for less than $300-$500. And after contacting the local phone company, you could have a powerful Wi-Fi connection in under a week, for less than what you pay for cable. An entire catalog of free movies and music, academic research, and instant communication is literally at your fingertips. They even have video calls on computers now, like on The Jetsons!

PCs like the ones at the Microsoft Store are ideal for people who want to check their email and watch TV. The sturdy general purpose computers are intended for word processing, building databases, Internet and email, video calls, digital media editing, and playing games. They have access to the widest range of commercial and free software programs. And PCs have always been more economically priced than the competition, although high end units are available.

The Laptop

A laptop is a great way to go, because you only have to buy one product, and it can travel easily. The HP Pavilion TouchSmart 11-e011nr Touchscreen Laptop is as affordable as it is portable. The 11.6-inch High Definition (HD) screen is touch activated. This laptop can stay on for up to five hours without needing a charge, and slips easily into a tote or backpack. ($379.00)

The All-In-One

Desktops and all-in-one computers tend to be pricier than laptops, but they are more powerful overall. The Dell Inspiron One 20 All-in-One 2020-6671BK has a space saving design -- no more bulky hard drives! It only has one cord that is needed to turn it on. The wireless mouse and keyboard are included with the monitor in one dollar saving package. ($559.00)

The Tablet

Tablets are like big smartphones or small laptops. They have a wide range of functions. The Microsoft Surface has front and rear-facing 720p HD video cameras, an integrated kickstand, and comes with Windows and Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013 pre-installed. ($349.00)

Video Games

What Granny secretly wants for Christmas this year is the Grand Theft Auto V Xbox 360 Bundle from the Microsoft Store. This is the ultimate GTA experience with an Xbox 360 Console, Grand Theft Auto V, and an Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Membership included in every box. ($339.97)

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