Getting Ready For College? Let HP Help

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If you’re headed off to college this fall, you’re probably already preparing. Looking at housing options and meal plans, thinking about possible classes and majors, and possibly worrying about what your roommate situation is going to be like. Definitely worrying about that.

One thing you should also be thinking about is the supplies you’re going to need. No, I’m not talking about crayons and rulers. I’m talking about real, big-kid college supplies – which these days basically means, a good computer.

You may have done plenty of work on your computer in high school, but college is a whole other ball game. You’ll probably have readings assigned online, online assignments, and plenty of research papers to write. You’re going to need a computer that can handle all your schoolwork, plus a few Netflix marathons...after you’re done studying, of course.


And on top of all these considerations, you’re about to enter a world of brokeness, so you don’t want to spend too much. Lucky for you, HP is around with some really affordable options that will have you totally ready to take on your first ever college semester. Here’s a look at your options, and some insights into which computers would be a good choice for you.


HP has a ton of different laptop choices, and it can get really overwhelming. Here are a couple of options that would make great laptops for college:


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The ENVY series laptops really are the full package. A bit more expensive than the Pavilion series, they’re well worth the extra dollars for more power. The ENVY’s quad-core processor gives you plenty of power to run all the programs you need – Word, tons of Chrome tabs, and Spotify to get your study jam on – without losing speed.

The great graphics on the ENVY notebook mean that when you’re done studying, you can enjoy your movie or TV show marathons in full HD. Starting at $499, the ENVY 15 series is also a pretty economical choice. Get one of these, and you can save more cash for fun! Or more likely to stock up on Ramen noodles…

Who It’s Perfect For:

Math, science, or business majors will benefit from the extra power the ENVY notebooks have. Also anyone who loves unwinding by watching TV and movies!

HP Pavilion

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 12.21.13 PM.png

The Pavilion series notebooks cover all your basic needs and are really affordable (which means even more Ramen for you...or maybe even pizza!). They’ll give you the power you need to get your readings done and your papers written, and plenty of storage for research, writing, and of course goofy screenshots from when you Skype your friends back home.

A long battery life and a 4th gen. Intel processor mean that you have plenty of power to multi-task working on homework and wandering around the internet… I mean, to focus completely on schoolwork, of course.

Bonus: The Pavilion comes in colors! YAY!


Who It’s Perfect For:

Humanities and art majors will like the extra memory for pictures, videos, long PDFs, and whatever else they might need. With a really sleek and light design and long battery life, it’s also good for students who live far from campus or have classes on opposite sides of campus (ugh, been there).


Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 2.30.07 PM.png

Even though when you think of getting ready for college, you probably think about getting a laptop, a desktop might actually be a good option. HP has a couple of good desktops you might consider, including the Pavilion Mini Desktop.

The Pavilion Mini packs all the power of a regular desktop into a tiny footprint (only 2 inches tall!), so it’s actually pretty portable – unlike traditional desktops. Despite its small size, it can support two monitors, so if you like the big screen then you’re in luck with this little guy.

The powerful Intel core processor gives you enough power to do everything you need to do, from papers and projects to just wasting time looking at funny memes online. Not that you would ever do that when you’re supposed to be studying, of course. It also has up to 1TB of storage space, so you don’t have to worry about where you’ll keep all your readings, assignments, pictures, movies, ideas for a screenplay, etc.

Who It’s Perfect For:

The Pavilion Mini is a good choice for students who live at home and commute to school, or who already have a tablet. Leave the computer at home, take the tablet to class to take notes, bam! Perfect.


Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 2.26.01 PM.png

Weird, do you even need a printer? YES, yes you do. Seriously, it will make your life so much more convenient if you have your own printer and don’t have to go to the library and load up a printing card and wait in line every time you need to print every little thing.

Convinced yet?

Since you probably saved a bunch on your computer already, you can use some of that extra cash to grab a printer and some ink. The HP Officejet starts at only $99 and it’s pretty much exactly what you need – a simple, no-frills printer to print out your readings, papers, problem sets, and passive-aggressive notes to your roommates.

Don’t forget to grab some ink and paper while you’re at it. HP offers 10% rewards and savings on ink, toner, and paper when you sign up for My Print Rewards. Honestly, while your parents are maybe still paying for things I would stock up on ink! You’re probably going to go through it faster than you would expect, and you really don’t want to turn in a paper that’s printed all blue-ish gray-ish and kind of streaked. For the record I did this once, and while it didn’t affect my grade, my professor wasn’t exactly pleased.


Who It’s Perfect For:

Just get a printer, you won’t regret it. Can you tell I didn’t have a printer in college and really wanted one?

Once you’re done doing all your computer shopping, give yourself a pat on the back. Now you can return to worrying about more important things, like that roommate situation...

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