Gifts to Give to your Best Friend Moving Across the Country

You’ve been in denial, but you have to face the worst: your best friend moving across the country. You’ve been focused on spending all remaining time with her, so you didn’t even think of gifts to give your best friend.

You could throw an e-gift card at the situation, but it doesn’t seem like enough. After all, this is the person who knows what really happened to your retainer in seventh grade. Before you settle on a mediocre memento, consider these gifts to give your best friend moving across the country:

Chip In on the U-Haul.

Helping pack and unpack in exchange for pizza is one of the cardinal rules of best friend moving. This time, you can help on the road, too. Chip in on the U-Haul. If you’re lucky, your best friend doesn’t have a lot of junk, but U-Haul has trucks of every size - big enough to fit a four bedroom house. Book online and tack on some moving supplies like boxes, tape, and markers.

The Sweater You Won’t Admit You Stole

Every Best Friend Moving day needs a “No, you keep it,” “No, You!” moment. The sweater you stole on the camping trip? It’s time to come clean and hand it over. It’s in the back of your closet, so dig it out before you head over to help haul boxes into the truck. With any luck, you’ll lose the battle of “No, you keep it.” If not, it’s the least you can do to help your best friend moving across the country.

Framed Photo of The Two of You

You both have plenty of snapshots of each other on your phones, but some situations call for something a little more tangible. Your best friend moving is one of them. Choose the photo wisely. This will be prominently displayed in her new abode, and every single person who comes in will see it as she says, “That’s my best friend from back home.”

A Letter to Be Opened at a Later Date

This won’t be the last time you see her, but it’s okay to get sentimental sometimes. Gifts to give your best friend moving across the country should be as sentimental as they come. The night before the big move, have a glass of wine, grab some stationery, and pour your heart out. Seal it up and hand it to her just before you part ways.

Houseplant for Housewarming

Every new house needs a new houseplant. Wait until she is literally moving across the country and order a plant from Proflowers and (Grab a coupon.) Have it delivered a few days after she’s settled in. She can name the plant after you, and she’ll have a good reason to call you when it dies! If it lives, you’ll have a good reason to call her to ask about your namesake.

With these gifts to give to your best friend moving across the country, you’ll stay in each others’ lives for a long time. Don’t worry. My best friend and I haven’t lived in the same city for almost five years, but we still talk every day. (And I didn’t give her any gifts at all.)

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