Global Warming Report Spurs Eco-Friendly Corporations

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has now determined that it’s “extremely likely” that human activity is the main cause of global warming. This comes after their 2007 report that said it was “very likely.” This change in language means that scientists have moved from being 90 percent certain to 95 percent.

“If this isn’t an alarm bell, then I don’t know what one is. If ever there were an issue that demanded greater cooperation, partnership and committed diplomacy, this is it,” said U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. Climate activists said the report should spur governments and individuals into action. Hopefully, it will. Many corporations are already acting, doing what they can to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as well as their entire carbon footprint.

Tech giant Hewlett-Packard recently became the first company in their industry to set specific greenhouse gas reduction goals for its suppliers and business partners. They’re requiring them to lower their greenhouse causing missions by 20 percent by 2020, compared to their 2010 levels. That’s substantial.

With tens of thousands of suppliers spread across the world, HP has one of the largest supply chains on the planet. This isn’t the first time HP has acted to reduce emissions. They’ve prevented 190,000 tons of carbon dioxide being pumped into the atmosphere by utilizing a rail route from China to Europe instead of using air freight, which would leave 30 times the carbon footprint.

A big part of HP’s Global Citizenship program is to foster environmental awareness and protection. The larger goal of the program is to ensure that HP’s products and services and how they produce them must solve problems, not create them. Their decisions and actions aim to be in harmony with the communities in which they work. This includes public reporting on the environmental information for their products through the release of “ECO Declarations.“

For example, you can download and review the ECO Declaration of their new HP Deskjet 2540 all-in-one printer by clicking on the image below:

You can see that it’s very green and very energy efficient. Here it is in action:

If you’re considering getting one of these based on what it can do, and its and HP’s “green-ness,” don’t do it without using a discount code. After all, waste (be it wasting money or polluting the planet) is bad however you look at it.

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By: Peter

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