Have An Extreme Wedding You Can Be Proud Of

Destination weddings are simple to plan, less expensive in some situations, and more relaxed than formal receptions. There is the risk that friends and family will not make it. But, maybe that is what some couples are hoping for. Running off to Hawaii or Las Vegas to get married saves a lot of time and money, especially when the bridal party is very small.

With so many tropical islands and B&B’s to choose from, many couples are tired of the same old backyard wedding receptions. They want a wedding they can remember fondly every anniversary, because the sudden rush of adrenaline has imprinted itself in their psyche forever. Please note that each daring concept also works for proposals, as well as engagement announcement photos.

From lions and sharks to jet skis and mountain peaks (‘til death do you part), these are eight of the most popular types of extreme weddings.

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1. African Safari Wedding

The African photo safari is a popular option for both destination weddings and far flung honeymoons -- unless you already live there. According to the Knot, the best months for game viewing in South Africa are June to August. Remember that it is in the Southern Hemisphere, so it is winter there during that time.

Short of a wedding in Africa, the next best thing is a local version at the wild animal park or zoo. The couple pictured is at the Serengeti Resort in San Antonio, TX.

2. Underwater Wedding

You can get married underwater by enlisting the services of a reputable scuba diving organization. It may be possible to get married in a tropical reef, or to have wedding photos taken in your backyard swimming pool. Getting married at the aquarium is another variation on this idea. You can take the plunge inside the exhibit, or maybe just recite vows in front of it.

3. Nudist Wedding

The nudist wedding may be more complicated, depending on local zoning issues. The nude wedding would be perfect for a topless beach, in the middle of a deep forest, or at an adults-only resort.

You are faced with the problem of who to invite. Guests may not wish to attend a wedding ceremony in zero attire. But, all of your fellow nudists will enjoy the clothing-optional reception.

4. Hot Air Balloon Wedding

Many engagees are tying the knot aboard a hot air balloon thousands of feet in the air. Other wedding planners have the happy couple arrive or depart on hot air balloons. The picturesque scenery, silent gliding, and roar of the fire is all very romantic.

5. Bungee Jump Wedding

If you really want to impress your guests, why not bungee jump off of a hot air balloon? Many extreme sports enthusiasts have opted to join in matrimony as they hurtle thousands of feet off a bridge or embankment. And then again for every anniversary.

Which brings me to my next point...

6. Mountaintop Wedding

The breathtaking view from a mountain peak makes for magnificent wedding photos. Trek your entire guest list up a mountain trail for a skyline ceremony. Some couples prefer to rappel up the face of a sheer cliff in their wedding attire. The gorgeous scenery of the mountain is symbolic of the journey you are taking together as a wedded union.

7. Polar Bear Wedding

If you always wanted a winter wedding, then a snowy ceremony may be for you. This couple is getting married at their favorite ski resort. Some couples (like the ones in the image at the top of the page) decide to go polar bear swimming for their wedding. Another idea is to incorporate a ski lift, or snowmobiles into the ceremony, to transport guests and the happy couple.

8. Water Sports Weddings

If you can’t stand cold weather, you may still be up for a water ski wedding. Or, what about reciting the vows on a pair of jet skis? It is even possible to get married while parasailing.

If this all sounds somewhat windy, the lake or seaside is an ever popular choice for outdoor weddings. A yacht or freighter wedding would work out well. And, transporting the reception by swan boat is still a tiny bit extreme.

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