Headed to College? Read This First.

So you got accepted to the university of your choice. Hooray! All that hard work paid off, didn’t? Just like Mom and Dad said it would. Now you’re headed off to college, packing up, and deciding what you’ll need to make your experience a great one. Here are some quick bullet points to think about.

  • Go to all orientations.

  • Get to know your roommate and others in your residence hall.

  • Get Organized.

  • Find the ideal place for you to study.

  • Go to class.

  • Become an expert on course requirements and due dates.

  • Meet with your professors.

  • Get to know your academic adviser.

  • Seek a balance.

  • Get involved on campus.

  • Strive for good grades.

  • Take advantage of the study resources on campus.

  • Make time for you.

  • Don't feel pressured to make a hasty decision about a career or a major.

  • Take responsibility for yourself and your actions.

  • Make connections with students in your classes.

  • Find the Career Services Office.

  • Don't procrastinate; prioritize your life.

  • Stay healthy/Eat Right.

  • Learn to cope with homesickness.

  • Stay on campus as much as possible.

  • Seek professional help when you need it.

  • Keep track of your money.

  • Don't cut corners.

  • Be prepared to feel overwhelmed.

You can see this list expanded in the article it was taken from “Your First Year of College: 25 Strategies and Tips to Help You Survive and Thrive Your Freshman Year and Beyond.”

Now what’s not on this list but certainly should be? Get a Laptop. Hmm, that would make a great reward from Mom and Dad, wouldn’t it? Consider these “8 Essential Tips” that will help you pick out a winner.

  1. Mac or Windows?

  2. Choose the Right Size

  3. Check That Keyboard and Touchpad

  4. Know Your Specs

  5. Hybrid or Traditional Notebook?

  6. Don’t Skimp on Battery Life

  7. How Much Can You Get for Your Money?

  8. The Brand Matters

Now with all that considered, do a quick search and you’ll find a common denominator on all the “Best Laptops” lists is the Lenovo IdeaPad. Check it out.

If you decide to buy an IdeaPad this summer, you can use a Lenovo promo code to save up to 35%. Seems the smart thing to do, but since you’re smart enough to have gotten into college, you probably already figured that out.

By: Peter

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