The 5 Best Herbal Teas for Your Health

One of the most efficient ways to get your daily intake of herbs is by brewing a flavorful cup of tea. By adding different types of herbs, you can create a distinctive beverage with a rich and heady aroma that is very different from store bought tea. Not only do they make a delicious, hot brew, but there are numerous reports that many kinds of organic ingredients improve health. Different herbs can be used to induce sleep, aid digestion, strengthen the immune system, natural diuretic properties, improve blood circulation, or cleanse the body.

Some tea enthusiasts go so far as to plant their own garden of fresh herbs for their concoctions. But if you do not have a green thumb or a yard, then most varieties can be purchased in bulk online. They come already harvested at peak blooming time and pre-dried in the ideal conditions. We recommend shopping for them online at a trusted provider such as Blessed Herbs, after you check for a coupon, of course. Always speak to your physician before starting a new health regimen, especially if you have a medical history of preexisting conditions.

Some of the most beneficial herbs for brewing herbal tea are chamomile flower, echinacea, hawthorne berries, lemon balm, and raspberry leaf.

1. Best for Stress: Chamomile Flowers

People have been using dried chamomile flowers for years because when consumed, it acts as a gentle sedative. It is also reputed to ease stomach ailments and aid with maladies of the windpipe and throat. So if your grandmother ever gave you a cup of chamomile tea before bedtime, she knew what she was doing.

2. Best for Immunity: Echinacea

There is a lot of hullabaloo over whether echinacea really can cure the common cold. But scientists do admit it may have antioxidant properties that can help to improve the immune system. Echinacea is also considered to be an excellent body detoxifier and colon cleanser. Tea made from echinacea comes from the flowers and upper leaves of the plant.

3. Best for the Heart: Hawthorne Berries

Herbal practitioners use hawthorne berries to benefit the cardiovascular system and regulate the flow of blood through the body. These tart berries are also used to cleanse salt from the body in order to reduce bloat. It is all thanks to the presence of certain flavonoid-like complexes that are also found in their leaves. Try hawthorne berries combined with peach or berry flavored teas.

4. Best for the Head, Ears, and Throat: Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is a leafy herb native to Europe that has a distinctive citrus-y aroma. The tartness of the leaves comes from citral, which is the same thing that makes a lemon peel zesty. Citrus flavors promote the immune system, boost the energy, and aid the digestion. The zing of lemon balm is strong enough to stand alone in a cup of tea, maybe with some honey.

5. Best for Women's Health: Raspberry Leaf

Not only are raspberries delicious, nutritious, and prolific the world over, but their leaves can be used to ease women’s health issues. The leaves pack a powerful punch that is full of vitamin A, B complex, C, and minerals like calcium, iron and potassium. When brewed into tea, they are traditionally used to treat symptoms of uterine cramping in menstruating or pregnant women.

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