How 5 TV Couples Would Celebrate Valentine's Day

As someone who celebrates Valentine’s Day as a single person (sad, right?), I usually look to my favorite couples for inspiration that there is still true love in the world. Is it weird that the couples I want to emulate are fictional TV characters? Oh well, I’ll take romance where I can get it – and really, these five couples all represent some smokin’ chemistry. Here’s what I imagine these pairs would do to commemorate Valentine’s Day this year.

1.  Maggie and Glenn - The Walking Dead

Maggie and Glenn have it rough. When they’re not fighting off Walkers and watching most of their closest friends die violent deaths, they’re coping with the fact that they don’t have much in terms of material goods. Basically, Glenn is in a really tough spot if he wants to get Maggie something romantic for Valentine’s Day. Although he was super resourceful finding an engagement ring (that zombie chick didn’t need it anyway), I’m thinking Glenn would go on a supplies raid and pick up a really thoughtful token or piece of jewelry for Maggie. But now that I think about they even keep track of the days on the calendar in the zombie apocalypse?

2. Olivia Pope and Fitz - Scandal

It’s definitely going to be tough finding time to celebrate V-Day for this couple. Olivia is probably working for a really important client (“It’s handled”), and Fitz is busy, you know, being the leader of the country. However, I bet sentimental Fitz would call Olivia on her burner cell phone and have him meet her at a super top secret Washington location. Then he would have put together (or had his secret service agents put together) a truly lovely picnic with champagne. For a gift, Olivia wouldn’t buy anything because she’s still convincing herself she doesn’t love POTUS, and Fitz would buy her a stunning white coat from Luisaviaroma to go with her collection of to-die-for power suits.

3. Snow and Charming - Once Upon a Time

Snow and Charming are the ultimate fairytale couple, and it also warms my heart that they’re an item in real life (awwww….). For Valentine’s, they would probably throw a huge ball at their palace, because if I had a palace, this is exactly what I would do. There’s a good chance their party might get tarnished with an appearance by the Evil Queen, but they know they’ll still live happily ever after, so it totally doesn’t matter. I don’t think they would exchange gifts, because they’re into the selfless thing.

4. Mitchell and Cameron - Modern Family

Because Mitchell is the super-organized, somewhat-neurotic one, he would have scheduled a bouquet to be delivered from ProFlowers at least two weeks in advance. He’s also financially conservative, so he would have used a ProFlowers coupon code to save money. Cam, on the other hand, would throw a huge, over-the-top Valentine’s Day bash with hearts and baby Cupid decorations around the entire house. Opposites attract.

5. Damon and Elena - Vampire Diaries

While Damon is one of TV’s resident bad boys, I actually think he could pull off a pretty sweet Valentine’s surprise for Elena. Because Damon has the power of mind control (the one superpower I really, really want), he could compel people to help organize a really great party to celebrate his love for Elena. Elena is most often a stress case, and a party could help her forget what a hot mess her life has become. Boom. Damon looks like a thoughtful BF, and February 14th would mark one more day where this insanely good-looking couple are happy together.

On Valentine’s Day, I will most likely be home, catching up on my favorite shows. At least I know love is alive for these five couples. Of course, there’s always next year. Maybe I’ll start dating a vampire...or the President.

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