How Being Social Can Get You a Great Deal on Shoes

I admit it: I am a shoe addict. I never saw it coming, but I’ve developed an insatiable appetite for the latest footwear. What’s worse – I’ve delved into the world of boutique shoemakers where discounts are seldom seen.

Thankfully for our readers (and my bank account), I’ve also become an expert shopper and continually test new ways to keep the cost of new kicks from running my credit card balance too high. The latest tip? Be a real fan. Not sure what I mean? Let me walk you through my latest purchase.

With wedding season upon me, I felt it time to dress up my wardrobe starting at the feet. For once, I didn’t need to search for what style I wanted. I had a brand in mind – Zuriick shoes. I already own a couple pairs, love their simple styles, and know they fit. All I needed to do was find the appropriate pair for me.

I started by searching their sale section, but didn’t find anything quite wedding-appropriate (I did, however, find a pair of casual shoes for $30 I had to add to my cart!). So, I took a look at their new shoes and settled on their low-cut black Reuben’s. Unfortunately, they came with a $159 price tag putting them outside of my budget.

I did a quick search for Zuriick shoes coupon codes and found the usual suspects (**cough** RetailMeNot **cough**) advertising outdated and non-existent deals. No surprise.

Instead of giving up, I decided to write Zuriick shoes directly. I told them how big of a fan I am, what I wanted the shoes for, how I’d recently introduced my dad to their collection, and asked for a discount. Not only did they get me a discount, they told me the best way to find current deals in the future is to check their Facebook page. For Zuriick, and many smaller companies, sharing deals via social media is the easiest way for them to spread the word and help out their true fans.

To my delight, when my shoes arrived, they came complete with a handwritten note and some bonus socks for free. Now, I feel more connected to the brand than ever.

The lesson learned:

Next time you’re looking for a hard-to-find-coupon for one of your favorite stores, try connecting with them. Now, to be clear, I’m not saying to spam companies with messages about how great they are and ask for a discount. Make a genuine connection to a company you truly love. You can reach out by email, social media, or even phone. Remember brands are made up of people, too, and it’s in their best interest to treat you well and make you a super-fan. 

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