How Browsing the CBS Store Got Me the Best Deal on Big Bang Theory Gifts

Have you ever wondered how Sheldon or Leonard do their shopping? Me either – but, I like to imagine it being very systematic and complicated. Well, you don’t have to search the outer reaches of the solar system to find a good deal, but a little exploring can help you find a great deal. Let me show you how a little extra browsing and a bit of math helped save me money on Big Bang Theory merchandise at the CBS Store (sorry if you’re reading, Dad… I swear I got this stuff for someone else).

Often times websites will advertise discounts within the shopping cart to entice you to make a purchase. While these are often great deals, they don’t always present the best one for you. Be sure to keep track of the various offers and select the best one for you.

For example, while shopping for The Big Bang Theory t-shirts, the CBS Store showed me a coupon code for “15% OFF Sitewide & Free Shipping on orders $49+ | code FF15.” 

Note: Codes featured are no longer valid.

Each shirt was going to cost me approximately $25 without a discount, so this seemed like a safe bet. All I had to do was settle on a pair of shirts (something that is never easy for me).

As I navigated through the site looking at different shirts, I noticed that the offer changed. Instead of the initial 15% off discount, CBS now offered 25% off the same order. On top of that, they now offered three shirts for $60. 

I did a little quick math and determined that the three for $60 offer equated to approximately 20% off with no free shipping offer. Within a span of 10 minutes the site made me separate offers of:

  • 15% off plus free shipping

  • 20% off without free shipping

  • 25% off plus free shipping

Without even leaving the site, I managed to cut the cost of a $50+ order to under $40 and all I had to do was pay attention.

Next time you see an offer in your shopping cart, take a minute to note the offer. Look to see if the same site makes shows you an even bigger discount and you’ll be saving like the geniuses of The Big Bang Theory in no time – Bazinga!

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