How Carbonite Can Save Your Life

Okay, maybe “saving your life” is a slight exaggeration, but Carbonite saving your job is a definite possibility. Carbonite provides online backup for all of your photos, music, documents and more. It’s automatic, is accessible anytime & anywhere, and ensures easy & dependable file recovery should a crash occur.

Now knowing that, consider this...

You have a big meeting coming up with a potential client that’s going to bring in a ton of business to your company. You’re confident you’ve done an incredible job and are ready to “Wow” the room. You have a mountain of data, reams of spreadsheets, focus group results, a killer PowerPoint presentation – the works. Then your computer crashes. Maybe it happened at work or maybe it happened at home, but it doesn’t really matter because either way, those files are gone, man. Sure, you may be able to cobble something together out of miscellaneous files that were on someone else’s computer, in the Cloud, on flashdrives, etc. Even after a lot of work and a billion emails and phone calls, there’s no way you’re going to be able to recreate what you did on such short notice.

Basically, you are screwed, big time. This was your opportunity to shine and really show the boss what you’re capable of. Now you’re about to show him you’re capable of completely blowing a huge account and costing him a potential fortune. Not going to go over well, is it? No excuse is going to cut it. Or save your job. But if you had been using Carbonite, you would have been totally CYA. It’s insurance, it’s peace of mind, but mostly, it’s just plain smart.

So, your boss asks you why you didn’t have a backup program running. Since you didn’t have Carbonite, instead of being able to say you did, you end up standing there speechless like the idiot you’ve just proven yourself to be. Bye bye career fast-track, hello back to square-one, entry level position.

This is not a scenario you ever want to have play out, is it? It didn’t have to turn out this way and it was so easily avoidable because Carbonite is available for home or business (use a Carbonite coupon code for big savings) with a variety of storage options and features depending on your needs. Get Carbonite. Now. Before it’s too late.

By: Peter

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