How I Outfitted My Whole Family at Century MMA

I am here to say that Century MMA is now my official one-stop butt kicking store. If that sounds too aggressive, maybe one-stop self-defense store is better. Either way, I was able to get everything my entire family needed there.

We all had agreed that we all needed to exercise more but couldn’t decide what we wanted to do. My son mentioned he was wrestling in PE class, he liked it and wanted to try out for the wrestling team when he was old enough. My wife said she always wanted to take a self-defense class, my daughter thought that sounded like fun, so they both signed up for a karate class. I boxed a little when I was younger but became an MMA fan once that got popular, so I decided to take a jiu jitsu class.

So where to get all the stuff we’d need? A quick search and I ended up at Century MMA. I was able to use a couple of Century MMA coupons to save on a lot of the stuff I ended up buying. Maybe I bought too much but I believe in overkill. Also, in looking good. For me, a ProForce Gladiator Ultra Jiu-Jitsu Uniform (very evil) and a book on jiu jitsu. For my son the wrestler, Clinch Gear Wrestling Headgear, Asics Matflex Shoes, and a mouthpiece. For my wife and daughter, two matching pink karate gi’s. For all of us, I got some Tiger Balm and Ice Sheets. Alright, yeah that was mostly for me.

They have tons and tons of MMA themed clothes and gear from all the major players (like gloves, mitts, practice dummies, etc.) for when my son or I are ready to step it up to the next level of combat. Or wife and daughter cuz you never know. Plus, I now have found a great place to buy gifts for all of them, which makes my life much easier. Double plus is that they have great deals. Thanks, Century MMA – I will be back.

By: Peter

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