How Much Does An Eye Exam Cost?

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Whether your vision is starting to get a little blurry for the first time (oh no!) or your old glasses just aren’t working for you like they used to, you know it can only mean one thing: time for an eye exam.

At this point, (especially if it’s your first eye exam) you’re probably asking yourself, How much does an eye exam cost?

The truth is, the price of an eye exam can vary pretty greatly, depending on where you have your exam done and which tests it includes. In general, though, you can plan to spend anywhere from $50 to $100 or more. The lower-priced vision exams are the ones you can get at Walmart, Target, Sears, and other stores that have optometry departments. You can also go to a private eye doctor’s office or a medical clinic to get your eye exam. These exams will be more around the $100 or more price range. According to VSP Direct, the average eye exam costs $154 without insurance.


One thing to keep in mind is that not all eye exams are created equal. When you go for a vision exam, you want to make sure you’re getting the right tests done so that your eye doctor can accurately prescribe your glasses or contacts. You should make sure you’re getting a comprehensive eye exam when you go. This will include a review of your eye health history, a chart test, evaluations of nearsightedness and farsightedness, a pressure test, and several other evaluations.

Your next question probably is, Do I need vision insurance?

The answer is, it’s really a good idea to have it. Whether or not you have vision insurance can greatly affect the out-of-pocket costs you pay for your eye exam as well as for glasses and contacts. For example, with a VSP Direct vision plan, you’ll only pay $15 to have a vision exam, instead of the over $100 average price. Your vision insurance plan will also save you a lot of money on frames, prescription lenses, and extras (like anti-glare or scratch-resistant lenses). As an adult, it’s recommended that you have an eye exam once a year. So if you have your yearly exam, plus the possibility of needing new lenses, frames, or contacts each year, a vision insurance plan will really save you a chunk of change.


So finally, you’re probably wondering where to get individual vision insurance. VSP Direct is a good choice because it’s easy to sign up and offers good savings for both individual and family vision plans. In fact, with a VSP Direct plan you can save over $200 a year. is another good place to find a vision insurance plan. All you have to do is enter your zip code and some basic information about yourself, and the site finds you affordable vision insurance plans that serve your area.

Alright, stop squinting at your computer screen and go get your eye exam done! But make sure you sign up for a vision insurance plan first to save some cash on your exam and your new glasses.

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