How My PC Was Brought Back From The Dead (By My Wife)

Okay, without getting into gender stereotyping, I am the more techie one in the family, my wife is not. However, I’m a big enough man to admit that may be changing, and to give credit where credit is due.

My beloved PC was on its last legs. It had been getting progressively worse the last few months - freezes, crashes, taking forever to load and run things – you name something bad, and it was doing it. I’ve always been pretty good about protecting myself from virusus so I knew that wasn’t the problem. I figured computers eventually break down, and that’s just the way it goes.

So, I informed my wife that I needed a new PC. I was surprised when she said “Not so fast.” She wanted to take a crack at fixing it first. She has used a PC Utilities program on her computer at work and wanted to try it out on mine, too. I agreed, but said if she couldn’t fix it, I’m getting a new one. “Fine,” she said.

A few days later, a copy of Avanquest’s SystemSuite arrives in the mail. I asked how much it cost and she said a whole lot less than a new PC. Plus, as always, she used a promo code when she bought it. She loaded it up on my computer and got to work.

Here’s what SystemSuite claims it does:

  • Speeds and optimizes Windows startup

  • Boosts startup and Web speeds

  • Cleans and optimizes Windows registry

  • Defrags and cleans out hard drive clutter

  • Restores and fixes Windows system files when Windows won’t start up

  • Recovers deleted folders, files and data

  • Fixes Windows security flaws

  • Finds and fixes Windows registry errors

  • Removes malware, viruses and spyware

  • Prevents rootkits and keyloggers from stealing personal data

  • Gives real-time protection against any malicious activity

  • Provides hourly updates to protect you against the latest threats

  • Protects your computer from hackers & intruders

  • Scans and notifies you of PC problems with 24/7 Active Intelligence Technology

Here’s what it actually did:

  • All of the above! It’s been a month and I’ve had zero problems.

First, it scans your computer for missing files and improperly installed software, and looks for fragmentation on your hard drive. If it finds any problems, it fixes them, and optimizes your system so your computer runs faster. The best part was that while it was doing all this, it actually TELLS you what it’s doing with messages. I could see it was a breeze to use. I must admit I was surprised, both with how well the software worked, and my wife’s ability to use it. It took her maybe an hour to have my good ol’ friend PC running better than it has ever before.

My final verdict? SystemSuite rocks, and my wife rocks. Both of them saved me a bundle by not having to buy a new computer. If you’re having trouble with your own PC, order a copy from Avanquest. If you’re having trouble with your own wife, well, I can’t help you there. But good luck, and try being a better listener. They seem to love that.

By: Peter

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