How Prepping For Disaster Made Me a Master Chef

As a resident of California, I had gotten tired of creating earthquakes kits full of food that I had to get rid of every year because it had gone bad – and that’s if I remembered to refresh it at all. Also, I found out the hard way that filling up old milk cartons with water to be used in an emergency just doesn’t cut it because the plastic breaks down and leaks.

Enough playing around – I decided to get serious once and for all. Searching the web for emergency prep products kept turning up the same company over and over again: Nitro-Pak. I wanted to get food that would last forever, or at least a long, long, time. I was very pleased to discover that great strides have been made in food technology and that the stuff you can now buy is pretty darn tasty and comes in wide varieties.

At first, my family was less than enthusiastic about having to survive on a bunch of “freeze-dried stuff.” I told them it could also be used when we go camping, but that didn’t seem to make much of an impression. So, I hatched a little plan as an experiment: I’d cook dinner for a week (5 days, actually) and not tell them I was using the food I got from Nitro-Pak’s “Mountain House Easy Meal Security Pak,” with a discount I found that saved me 30%. Here’s the weeks’ menu and how each meal went over:

Monday: Chicken ala King – Son: “This is better than the kind we get at that restaurant.” Wife: “What recipe did you use? This is spicy but I like it.”

Tuesday: Beef Stew - Daughter: “Put more carrots in next time. They’re really sweet.” Son: “This is better than the last time you made it.”

Wednesday: Beef Chili Macaroni – Wife: “How come you haven’t made this before?” Daughter: “We have it this way at school sometimes, but yours is creamier and the cheeses tastes realer.”

Thursday: Noodles and Chicken – Son: “This is good, but why couldn’t we have Chicken ala King again?”

Friday: Beef Stroganoff – Daughter: “This is delightful, dad.” Wife: “It really is.” Son: “Yeah.”

How easy was it to cook? Um, how easy is it to heat up and add some water? That was it. Besides tasting good, this stuff lasts for up to 25 years! The things I made were just for dinner, but the kit also includes breakfast, lunch, snacks, and side dishes.

When I told my family what they’d been eating all week, at first they said they didn’t believe me. Then my son admitted they’d figured it out after the second day after seeing the packages in the trash. I asked them why they didn’t say anything and they said because it tasted good. Case closed.

Then both of my kids asked why hadn’t I busted out the Blueberry Cheesecake they saw and I said because we needed to save it for emergencies. They then admitted they had snuck a pouch out and ate it, and it was delicious.

Check out this video I watched that made me want to try Nitro-Pak out in the first place:

My family is now convinced that in the event of an earthquake, we will be eating like there wasn’t one. They also demanded I double up on the Blueberry Cheesecake. Fine.

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By: Peter

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