How Renting a Vacation Home Will Save You Money

It’s that time of year again – time to plan our family(s) ski vacation. Yes, it’s only September but I like to start early. This time it was my turn to put the whole thing together. There will be three families going this year, 13 people in all, and we all agreed we wanted to go to Lake Tahoe. So, I got started...

A few clicks of the mouse later, and I was facing shock and dismay at the hotel costs alone. Then I remembered a few years ago my father had rented a house for us all in Tahoe, and he told me he used HomeAway to find and book it, so I checked them out. Very, very, glad I did. Actually, I found the exact same house, which was great because we loved it there the last time. My kids kept saying it was like living in a mansion.

It didn’t take long to figure out that renting this house would save us all a ton of money compared to staying in a hotel. Plugging our info into a travel site, I discovered that we were looking at these rates for hotels:

  • Hotel avg.: $181
  • 3 star avg.: $186
  • 4 star avg.: $236
  • 5 star avg.: $499

We were planning on staying 4 days, Monday thru Friday. Not only are the prices cheaper during the week, the slopes are also a lot less crowed. Anyway, the price of getting HomeAway’s “Gardner Mountain House” (3013 sq. ft., 5 Bedrooms, Sleeps 14, 3 Bathrooms)? $549 per night.

Here’s some quick math, using the average hotel price as a reference:

  • Staying in a Hotel:
  • $181 x 4 nights x 3 families = $2172
  • Staying in the HomeAway house:
  • $549 x 4 nights ÷ 3 families = $732

Are you kidding me?! We’re all going to be saving $1440 dollars and get to stay in a huge, fancy house? Done.  Plus, since we’ll have a kitchen, we can eat in if we want, saving us a bunch more money.

I’m seriously rethinking ever staying in a hotel again. I’m also realizing that if “Renting a Vacation Home Will Save You Money,” it follows that renting out your own home can MAKE you money. Either way, whether you want to list your own home, or rent someone else’s, there are discounts available that will make your savings or making, greater.

Curious about how to book with HomeAway? Well, watch this video entitled “How to Book HomeAway Vacation Rentals.”

Make sure to check out their Mobile App for iPhone, IPad, or Android. So, to wrap things up, we’re all really looking forward to the trip. Hopefully, they have some good snow. But, seeing how the weather is beyond HomeAway’s control, should I need to change the dates, I’m sure they’ll be very accommodating.

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By: Peter

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