How to Find a Unique Halloween Costume Online

Instead of resigning yourself to the costumes they have at the local Halloween pop up shop, find a unique costume on the Internet. Since most Halloween costumes seem to be made in China anyway, you may as well have the satisfaction of knowing that you are ordering directly from a reputable manufacturer such a Light In The Box. They have thousands of costumes that are made to order, including cosplay, holiday and celebrations, lolita fashion, masks and accessories. Their costumery can ship to the US and beyond in as little as 3 - 8 days, however you should give yourself a larger window to make sure they arrive on time. Save money off with a Light In The Box coupon code.

Costumes for Women

The Women's Sexy Black White Animal Deluxe Panda Bear Halloween Costume is about as cute as it gets. Dress up like a cuddly panda bear and still wear a sexy mini dress at the same time. Note the two heart shaped paw prints on the rear end. ($35.99 at Light In The Box)

Costumes for Children

Light In The Box has Halloween costumes for boys and girls, but as usual the girls get the best lot for fashions. Most girls want to dress up like a unicorn for Halloween at some point, but with their flat faces, it is easier to ride the unicorn in a princess costume. ($44.99 at Light In The Box)

Costumes for Men

Many men prefer to go as themselves every Halloween, but they could at least put on a mask for a few dollars. The Luxurious Glitters Golden PVC Holiday Half-face Mask is mysterious and appealing. Try adding some extra accessories like punk style gloves. ($3.99 at Light In The Box)

Masks & Accessories

If you are not Nicki Minaj, then there are not a lot of occasions that call for this Cool White and Pink and Blue Mixed Color Short Bob Wig. But Halloween is definitely one of them. A bob wig in an unusual shade adds an extra element of oomph to any costume. ($17.99 at Light In the Box)

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