How to Find the Perfect Holiday Hostess Gift on a Budget

Every holiday season is filled with parties where you’re obligated to bring a hostess gift. If you’re fairly social, you could end up needing gifts for several different parties - which can end up eating into your holiday budget. Fear not! I’ve put together a handy guide to help you find the perfect hostess gift without making you spend a ton of cash. Here are the steps to take to find an amazing gift that will ensure you get an invite to next year’s holiday party.

Step 1: Do your research.

The biggest mistake most people make during the holidays is to shop without doing any research. This is a surefire way to overspend. By doing a little bit of legwork, you can guarantee you’re getting a great deal (and something your hostess will truly want). I always start my research by checking out a few different blogs. During the holiday season, many sites put together helpful lists with gift ideas for all types of budgets.

Step 2: Select some items in your price range.

With these suggestions in mind, you can weed through the pricier options and bookmark some items that you’re interested in purchasing for hostess gifts.

WhoWhatWear gave me the ideas of these gorgeous Diptyque Greeting Cards from Barney’s for just $30, a cool silver Catbird Wine Opener for $16, and super stylish Sake Cups from The Line (although they could add up since each cup is $28).

I’m a huge fan of The Glitter Guide site, and their article, “Holiday Hostess Gift Ideas,” helped me add more potential gifts to my list. The Sugar Paper Desk Calendar is a little pricey at $56, but it’s definitely useful! Hostesses also always love when you supply alcohol, so the Chandon Blanc de Noirs Limited Edition for $24 is a perfect option to bring to a holiday party.

Momtastic’s “30 Indulgent Gift Ideas for Your Holiday Hostess” was also chock full of good suggestions. I’m obsessed with the Raw Wood Cutting Boards from West Elm - they’re available for just $39, and you can monogram them with initials or a name for an additional $8.50. Any hostess who cooks would also love the Williams-Sonoma Olive Oil and Vinegar Set for $39.

Step 3: Check for lower prices elsewhere.

After you get some solid ideas for a hostess gift, you should always do some comparison shopping to see if you can find the item for a lower price at another retailer. I really loved the personalized cutting board idea, but I was pretty sure I could find it for less than $39 (plus the $8.50 monogramming fee).

A quick Google search is a fast, easy way to see if your item is being sold cheaper somewhere else. I Googled “personalized cutting boards,” and one of the results was a site called Personalization Mall that usually has pretty low prices. Turns out, they have tons of cutting boards that you can personalize for less than the West Elm version.

My favorite is the Chef’s Monogram Bamboo Cutting Board for just $29.95. The best part is that there’s no extra fee to add an initial, and the reviews are excellent! Although I had to pay for shipping, it was still cheaper than ordering the one from West Elm.

Step 4: Search for coupon codes.

Personalization Mall has several discount codes to use. I didn’t spend enough to take advantage of the free shipping offer, but the free personalization helped to keep my costs low.

Now, I just have to watch my hostess’ face light up when she sees it!

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