How to Kick it Like Your Favorite Fictional Heroine

It’s hard not to want to snag their style. You read about them or you see them on screen, kicking ass, and you just want to be more like them. I’m right there with you. These ladies are tough, they make brave decisions that often put them at extreme risk, and they come out on top. They also have killer style. They make the right wardrobe choices for the challenges they face and the battles they fight.

Here are four of my favorite leading ladies and their signature styles in attire and footwear.

1. Katniss Everdeen

Katniss is a hunter. She grew up in the poorest district in Panem, and has lived her life fending for herself and doing what she can to take care of her family. Her fashion choices are all about functionality and comfort. She couldn’t care less about fitting in or making a statement. You’ll find her in warm pants, a plain tee or long sleeve shirt, a worn in leather jacket, and her trusty boots. The boots are a knee length hiking or military style. Something that will keep her warm and protected from the elements as she makes her way through the woods.

These boots from would be a perfect match for Katniss. 

2. Hermione Granger

Hermione is our academic heroine. She’s brilliant, driven, and an analytical thinker that provides a quick wit to every situation. Her style is often modest and classic. She can wear the heck out out of a peacoat, and cardigans, hoodies, jeans, and flats or basic sneakers – all are staples of her wardrobe. Whether she’s in her Hogwarts uniform, or in her casual wear, these shoes are SO Hermione.

3. Bella Swan

Bella’s romantic life is certainly complicated. She spends most of her high school days trying to choose from two men outside of her own species. But when it comes to her style go-to's, she’s very much in tune with life in Forks, Washington. She doesn’t wear very many bright colors. And other than her form-fitting shirts and her cascading red / brown wavy hair, her wardrobe it pretty tomboyish. Her shoes are always casual sneakers. Which makes these Vans a perfect match for Bella.

4. Daenerys Targaryen

Show of hands for those completely in love with the mother of dragons. So, all of us, then? Thought so. Her presence is commanding, her beauty will leave you breathless, but don’t mess with her babies or her crew, or you will get burned. Literally. “Dracarys!”

You might think the former “Stormborn” sports the dressy gladiator sandals that some of her female frenemies wear. But you would be wrong. If you see her in any of her “prepared for battle” outfits, she’s wearing boots with a sensible heel, if any, that are about knee high with straps and buckles. She can’t exactly lead an army of unsullied in dainty heels, you know? These boots are perfect for any Khaleesi-in-training. has all of these styles available, and so much more. Check out their daily deals and make sure you use a discount code at checkout for extremely badass savings.

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