How to Plan a Last-Minute Vacation

One of the rude awakenings that has occurred now that I’m a grown-up is that there are no more scheduled vacations. The best part about being a kid was knowing that June through August meant no responsibility. Plus, you got a guaranteed break around Easter and random days off sprinkled throughout the year (there was basically no school on Mondays in February.) But guess what? As an adult, you have to actually schedule time to relax. So, if you’re missing those no-school days like I am, it might be time for you to plan a spontaneous vacation. If you’re used to scheduling your trips months in advance, here’s a guide on how to plan a last-minute adventure.

Step 1: Choose a destination.

This is the most fun part of planning a vacation (and probably the most important!). The key to selecting the perfect destination is to pick a place where you can imagine yourself having a blast. If a relaxing tanning session on the beach sounds nice, you have many options, like Southern California or Florida. Maybe the big city lights are what excites you - there’s never a lack of things to do in New York City or Vegas. No matter where you decide to go, just choose a location that offers you a chance to fully chill.

Step 2: Book a cheap flight.

Making flight reservations can be stressful if you want to stay within a certain budget. But it doesn’t have to be! There are tons of sites that provide last-minute deals on airfare. One of the best is Expedia, which has special offers on flights that are coming up quickly. You can also find even more discounts with a coupon code. If you’re not sure exactly when to book your flight, check out these suggestions first!

Step 3: Make inexpensive hotel reservations.

Once you know where you’ll be traveling to, you can reserve a hotel room. has an awesome section of their site dedicated specifically to last-minute deals! All you have to do is enter your destination and the dates of your vacation, and they’ll hook you up with great discounted lodging options! Some of the rooms are marked down as much as 50% off - which means you can devote the rest of your budget to actually enjoying the city you’ve chosen to jet off to!

Step 4: Find activities to do.

If you want to truly maximize the time during your impromptu vacation, it’s crucial that you do a little bit of planning before you arrive at your destination. It’s easy to look up available activities and tours - a quick search on Viator will turn up some great suggestions for things to do in the area. You can even do a Google search for free activities for ideas of things to keep you busy that won’t damage your wallet.

Step 5: Have the time of your life.

After all is said and done, the very most important thing you can do is just have an amazing time! Vacations are essential for helping all of us recharge and in creating happy, new memories. Try to channel your inner-kid back when you had those stress-free, no-school days. You’ll discover how great it can feel to just embrace the vacation-life...and a special trip can keep you going until you can plan your next spontaneous adventure!

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