How to Preserve Your Memories in 3 Easy Steps

Not too long ago my grandparents decided to convert their slides into digital files. My grandpa slaved away scanning in each slide with a device he bought on Amazon. Weeks later, he was finally able to finish the project. His laborious efforts left me thinking: there has to be a better way!

In fact, preserving your precious memories is really as easy as a simple 3-step process when you use iMemories. All you have to do is send in your photos or videos that you want converted, ship the content or upload the digital files to the site, and then pay for your order. It’s that much of a snap! Here’s a breakdown of how easy it is to make sure you can view your memories forever!

Step 1: Find the photos or videos you want to convert.

Search through your garage, boxes with random photographs, or albums to find the content you want to convert. iMemories accepts analog home movie films, camcorder videotapes, slides, photos, 8mm, 16mm, Super 8, Hi8, VHS, and Mini DV forms. You can also include newer digital forms in your order by uploading videos and photos that are stored on your smartphone, computer, SD cards, USB drives, DVDs, or CDs.

iMemories places no limits on video length, photo file size, or the number of images you can submit. So, you can pick any content that you wish to save to have them convert into digital forms.

Step 2: Ship your content to iMemories or upload digital files.

The next step is to ship your content to iMemories. You can use your own box or order a SafeShip kit from the site. If you have digital files you want saved, you can upload these in a quick and easy process as well.

After your box arrives at iMemories, the team will inspect, inventory, and barcode the items. You’ll receive an email listing the items and the options to process your order. The entire processing step takes around 3 weeks. As soon as your order is complete, iMemories will send back your content in the exact condition in which it was received.

Step 3: Review your content and pay for your order.

The final step is to look over your content and pay for your order. If you want unlimited cloud storage, that costs just $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year. Here are the pricing options for each content form:

  • Videotapes = $9.99 per tape

  • Movies = $9.99 per 50 ft. (with sound $14.99)

  • Photos = 49 cents per photo

  • Negatives = 49 cents per image

  • Slides = 49 cents per slide

You can also get huge savings (like 20% off your entire order!) when you use a coupon code at checkout. Once you pay for your order, you can view your treasured memories anytime, on any screen.

Aside from having access to all of your favorite photos and videos, there are also some additional benefits to using iMemories.

Label and organize

iMemories makes it easy to sort through the content you’ve submitted. You can use albums to sort and organize videos and photos by date, event, person, etc., so you can easily scroll through to find specific images or clips.

Edit images or videos

iMemories provides customers with a complete set of photo editing tools (including crop, resize, and focus), so you can edit your photos. There are even effects, filters, frames, high-quality stickers, and pro-level touch-up tools available to you. The site also offers video editing options, which allows you to remove footage or split videos into separate clips.

Share media with friends and family

No longer do you have to attach files or go through the long process of sending individual pics to your loved ones. iMemories allows you to share media by emailing, texting, or posting them on Facebook or Twitter. You can even password protect your shares or revoke shares already sent to people if you want to then deny them access.

Make custom DVDS or BluRays

If you want to have special memories in one place, take advantage of iMemories’ custom DVDs or BluRays. You can digitally preserve videos and photos for just $9.99 for a DVD and $19.99 for a BluRay. If you want to make a video montage with music, that’s just $29.99. Plus, these DVDs make great gifts for friends and family!

So, stop letting those old videos and photos pile up, and convert them to forms that you can conveniently look at any time. Your memories are definitely worth preserving!

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