How to Rock a Pair of Overalls (Without Looking Like You're 10)

Overalls are suddenly making a comeback in stores. Don’t want to be left out of the trend? There are tons of options to wearing these denim staples - even if you’re afraid of looking like a kid in your old Osh Kosh B’gosh overalls. There are actually several tricks you can use to make sure that you look like the adult you are. Read on for advice on how to rock a new pair of overalls in style!

1. Skip embroidered pairs.

Although Minions are very hot this summer, it’s probably a good idea to steer clear of any embroidery on your overalls. These Steve J & Yoni P overalls from Luisaviaroma are fun, but might end up making you look like you’ve reverted back to fourth grade. A general rule: if it has cartoon characters on it, you probably shouldn’t be wearing it while out and about.

2. Make sure the fit is perfect.

You can instantly look like a kid if you have slouchy or ill-fitting overalls. Try on any new pairs to make sure the fit is good before you purchase them. The best pairs are usually ones with adjustable straps so you can adjust the fit exactly the way you like it.

3. Find a pair with distressed details.

Distressed denim makes you look a little edgier, instead of like you should be playing in a sandbox somewhere. Luisaviaroma sells these People Destroyed Cotton Denim Overalls that aren’t too raggedy looking, but still provide a nice glam rock flair. Want to save on the $434 price tag? Don’t forget to snag a Luisaviaroma coupon code to use at checkout!

4. Pair overalls with classic accessories.

The key to looking like a grown-up when you wear overalls is to match them with classic jewelry, like gold bangles or silver chain necklaces. These details give some spark to your outfit, while still remaining understated. For the most part, steer clear of bright colored accessories if you want to stay sophisticated looking. You can also pair a scarf with your overalls for a cool, bohemian layered look.

5. If the legs are too long, cuff them.

Cuffing your overalls makes them easy to pair with whatever shoes you want to wear. They also eliminate the issue of too-long pants - remember when your overly long overalls used to drag on the ground as a kid? Ugh! These Diesel Dungarees from ASOS are a little pricey at $362, but the cut will look flattering on anyone! If the price freaks you out, make sure to use an ASOS coupon code for extra savings!

6. Pay attention to your hairstyle.

Please, please, please don’t wear your hair in pigtails when you have overalls on! You will automatically be transported back to elementary school. Instead, try beachy waves or a topknot to help pull your look into 2015.

7. Wear dark denim or black.

Wearing a dark rinse denim or black overalls also helps you look more on-trend (and less like a youngster). These ASOS Jersey Overalls are just $51 (plus free shipping both ways!), and they’re perfect for a more refined-looking outfit.

8. Add a jacket or blazer.

Layering your outfit can also help you look a little more age-appropriate. Adding a jacket or blazer to your outfit can inject some class into your look (and help you still wear your overalls year-round).

9. Rock an overall-dress combo.

Overall dresses are pretty adorable, even if you’re over the age of 8. This Denim Overall Dress from URBANOG is only $15.10 (!), and you can use an URBANOG promo code for even more savings. Just follow these other rules to make sure your outfit doesn’t look too cutesy.

10. Slip on heels.

The number one easiest way to rock overalls while looking like an adult? Wear heels! Heels make you look older, more confident, and well, taller. So, if you’re not sure what to do to complete your outfit, try a pair of heels for an immediate adultification. 

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