How to Save Money & Get Your Hanes On New Tighty Whities

Oh, the horrible chaffing! Everyone needs a fresh pair of undies on a daily basis. Save time and money by ordering a plentiful supply of washable, breathable cotton undergarments online. Most people in the US recognize the number one selling brand of cotton undergarments in the country. But they don’t realize that they can shop at, as opposed to most major chain stores.

It’s better to buy Hanes online where there are more special discounts and Hanes promo codes to use. If you spend over $70, shipping is free – that’s enough incentive to buy new underwear for everyone in the family. You can get a surprising amount of fresh tees, undershirts, boxers, briefs, bras, panties, and thermals for that amount by shopping at Hanes. Everyone needs underwear at some point, so here’s how you do it.

Step 1. Go shopping for new underwear.

Finally! Underwear is relatively inexpensive and readily available online, so throw out anything with holes, no elasticity, or anything else embarrassing.

Here we see I have met the $70 limit for free shipping at At a department store in the mall, $70 would get me about two bras. At Hanes, the same amounts covers two bras, seven hipsters, seven bikinis, and one pair of long johns.

Step 2. Remember to check in the Clearance and Sale sections!

By choosing the Hanes in the clearance section, which are the exact same as the ones marked at full price, I can buy 14 pairs of underwear for $40. That's two weeks worth of clean unmentionables!

All of the items I am purchasing, are either on Sale or Clearance. Of course, most of the stuff at Hanes is marked at a discount, but I won’t concern myself with minor details.

Hanes owns all of their factories. So in a way, I am saving money by buying directly from the manufacturer. 

Step 3. Use any applicable coupon codes.

I found a Hanes promo code for 20% off of the highest priced item, so I check to see if I can combine the offer with my sale items. It turns out that I’m eligible to get 20% off the long underwear after I apply the code. But, now I’m just under the limit for free shipping.

Step 4. Meet the limit for free shipping offer.

Since I only have to spend just over two dollars to qualify for free shipping, I may as well add another pair of clearance bikinis. I’m shopping online so instead of making everyone in line wait for ten minutes while I get more Hanes in my size, I just click a button.

Step 5. Successfully combine three discounts.

On the payment screen at checkout, I confirm that I will get free shipping. At the end of the transaction, I have combined three discounts: the sale and clearance items, a coupon code for 20% off the most expensive item, and an offer for free shipping to my front door.

I have successfully saved money on new underwear. Now I feel the confidence and satisfaction that you only get from wearing a brand new pair of Hanes, and getting a discount on them.

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