How to Save on Health Expenses

It doesn’t matter whether you get insurance through your employer or are newly enrolled in Obamacare – medical costs can still end up cutting into your budget. There are several steps you can take to lower costs while still maintaining optimal health. Here are some ideas on how to save on your health costs.

Buy store-brand over-the-counter medications.

Sure it might seem like Tylenol is your best bet – it’s the most well known pain reliever on the market. But if you buy a store brand, you’re getting the exact same medication. For example, Target sells Tylenol 100 tablets for $6.99. You can snag their Up and Up store brand acetaminophen 250 tablets for $5.29. That means you’re getting more pills for less money! When you think about all the over-the-counter products you buy (everything from allergy medications to cold and flu products), choosing store brands can end up saving you a ton of cash.

Ask your doctor for generic prescriptions.

Generally, the majority of name brand medications are much more expensive than their generic counterparts. Most of the time, the generics are virtually the same medication (they’re just produced by a different manufacturer). You can check with your doctor anytime you receive a new prescription to see if generics are an option. This change could result in lower prescription costs for you and your family.

Use a pharmacy rewards program.

Some pharmacies offer rewards programs to their loyal customers. Target offers a great program where you can receive discounts after you fill a certain number of prescriptions with them. A promotion in April offers a 5% discount on your next shopping trip to Target after you fill 5 prescriptions. This program, and similar ones at other retailers, can help you save a lot in the long run. You can also add to your savings by using a discount at checkout.

Stock up on personal care items at bulk stores or online.

Items like vitamins, razors, and toothpaste might not seem like big expenses. But you’d be surprised by the great values you can discover if you purchase these everyday items in bulk at stores like Costco or online at Amazon. Plus, when you use coupon codes at Costco, you can increase your savings even more. As long as there aren’t expiration dates on the products you choose, you can stock up and just focus on the lower costs.

Stay on top of regular checkups and screenings.

The easiest way to keep your health costs low is to take care of yourself. By attending regular checkups and screenings, you can stay ahead of any serious health issues. People who put off going to the doctor often end up paying more for their medical care in the long run.

So take advantage of these savings, and stay well!

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