How to Save on Your Winter Heating Bills

It seems like winter is the most glorious season for children. Snowmen and sledding, hot chocolate and movies, and of course Christmas. But for adults, winter can be a time of tragedy. Sledding means trips to the ER, Christmas means money for presents, and the cold in general means high heating bills. Maybe you won’t be able to solve all of your problems with this article, but it will help you to come up with some creative solutions to save money on your heating costs in the coming months. Whether you’re trying to save on heating in Edmonton, Alberta or Los Angeles, California, these tips should do the trick for you!


Your kids will love this solution just as much as you will. Bake some cookies or treats to give to your family and friends (or keep them for yourself). Leave the oven open as it’s cooling off and it will help to heat up at least one area of your home. Do some extensive baking right around the holidays and you might not need to turn the thermostat up at all.


It is pretty simple to understand that more bodies means more heat. Invite some friends over in the evening for games or to have a dessert party. If you have enough people actively moving around, you won’t need your heat on at all. In fact, you may need to open a window to cool it down!

Family Games

Playing active, indoor games is not only a great way to warm up your home, it is also a great way to have some family time. With younger children, play musical chairs or have a dance party. Older kids might enjoy playing games on a Wii or Xbox Kinect. You will warm up in no time.


The basic idea behind insulation is keeping the temperature that you want in the space that you want it. Lay down rugs on wood or tile floors to keep the floor warmer. Cover windows at night with thick curtains to keep the cold from getting in too much. Check the sealing around your windows and doors so that no extra cold air is creeping in uninvited.

Warm Clothes

What was the point of buying that beautiful purple sweater if you never have the chance to wear it? Keep your home at a slightly cooler temperature but make up the difference by dressing in warm clothes. You can go as far as you’d like with this but it probably isn’t necessary to dress up like Eskimos inside your own home.


Melanie Hargrave is a wife and homemaker whose pride and joy is her family. In addition to spending time with her husband and daughters, she loves being outdoors, playing sports, and sharing her experiences with others. 

By: Melanie Hargrave

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