How to Shop For New Shoe Trends

Some of us are not bold and daring enough to dive into a fashion trend in a flash, but you can still add some pizazz to your outfits without getting a new wardrobe and going over the top. What’s the secret recipe, you ask? Shoes.  A new pair of heels can take an outfit from basic to chic as long as you have the right pair of trendy sole mates. Here's how you can throw some shebang into your style and make it look like a piece of cake:

1. Know it. Pick up some magazines or do an online search to see how celebrities are wearing the trend. Find your favorite looks and try them on. There’s nothing worse than not having a plan. Just because one piece is particularly attractive to you, doesn’t mean that it goes with everything. Everything is made to go accentuate something else whether it’s a cute scarf and riding boots or maxi skirt and bralet-crop-top combo.

2. Own it. Get comfortable with the trend by wearing it with solid blacks and whites; the safest and most basic colors in your closet. You don’t want to overwhelm your style by mixing “trendy pieces” with bold colors and patterns.  Once you have your base, add smaller, less expensive pieces to gradually build your new look. You can do this with fashion accessories, hats and belts. When you feel like you’re ready to own it, chances are you’ll look better in it and wear it more confidently. Remember to wear the trend and never let it wear you.

3. Play with it. Figure out the colors you tend to gravitate toward, and know which hues look best on you. That way, you have a better gauge of which trend will match your current wardrobe. You don’t want to throw out your entire closet and start anew. Accentuating your own personal style is what will set you apart and keep you ‘in-vogue’ at the same time.

4. Don’t blow it. Trying too many trends at the same time in one shoe may get frustrating and overwhelming if you're not comfortable with over-the-top, and flamboyant shoe patterns. For example, double trends like neon and leopard are sometimes mixed together in a pair of shoes. Make sure you’re comfortable with the trend before going all in to avoid making returns and dealing with the stress of long lines. The key is to ease into it. Incorporating one trend at a time and establishing a style as your own is what will make a swift change work. Be committed and wear it right.

5. Smart Shop it. Don't spend too much money following the fads that might die out before the next season. In an effort to avoid overspending, shop wisely and get good deals and discounts from retailers like Shiekh Shoes. Think of it this way, every dollar saved is an extra dollar to put towards your next trendy pair of shoes. 

By: Leanna

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