How to Throw a Party Like a Rockstar

The secret to throwing the most epic party ever is commercial grade restaurant supplies. Commercial grade appliances and accessories are the only way to get that wow factor you are looking for. It is not going to be cheap per say, but no great event ever is. You can cut costs enormously by checking for discounts such as these eTundra coupon codes. If you are preparing a social engagement for a business organization, then you might be able to write it off as a business expense. 

These are just a few examples of what we mean by epic restaurant supplies. All of the items pictured can be purchased at Restaurant Supply.

1. Santos Electric Ice Crusher

Anybody can go to the store for a few bags of ice, but the Santos Electric Ice Crusher makes precisely crushed ice on the spot. It is ideal for chilling most cold beverages, including daiquiris and margaritas. This model can crush 2.7 pounds (1.2 kg) of ice in as little as 30 seconds. If you want more crushed ice for your buck, consider an energy saving hand cranked model. ($1,180.58/EA)

2. World Cuisine 10 qt Beverage Dispenser

The World Cuisine Beverage Dispenser serves hot and cold liquids equally well. The upright model with a spigot at the base, is less prone to spills than messy hand pumped dispensers. The insulated stainless steel decanter was made in Germany with three sturdy black legs and a convenient handle at the top. Comes with a one-year warranty! ($127.71/EA)      

3. Rosseto Illuminate 4-Tier Display Stand

Instead of laying out the catering on a boring, two dimensional buffet table, add texture and light with an illuminate multi-tiered display stand. The four storied serving dish is a classic look for upscale dining that has been updated with sleek lines and clear acrylic construction. Try covering it with bite-sized desserts or tiny free range cheeseburgers. ($383.98/EA)

4. Paragon Spin Magic Cotton Candy Machine

You would be the undisputed trick o’ treat champion of the neighborhood with a Paragon Spin Magic Cotton Candy Machine. Everyone except diabetics loves the fluffy, sugary taste of fresh spun cotton candy. With a cotton candy unit this well made -- note the sturdy metal bowl -- you could even start a business selling cotton candy on the side. ($642.75/EA)

5. American Metalcraft Gold Plated Stanchion

To hold back your hordes of adoring fans from the VIP section, you will need what is known in the business as a stanchion. The American Metalcraft Gold Plated Stanchion is a commercial grade product that looks shiny and golden. The braided and velour ropes are sold separately, giving you a wider range of options for color and texture. ($107.16/EA, sold individually)

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