How to Throw a Rad '80s Party on a Budget

So you’re looking to throw an '80s theme party. Tubular! The '80s are such a fun decade to relive, it’s no wonder it’s a popular party theme. It might seem as simple as putting on some shoulder pads and bright blue eyeshadow, but theme parties can get pricey pretty quickly. Here are ways to save some serious dough and still throw a wicked shindig.

1. Soundtrack is key.

The music is by far the best part of this decade, so your soundtrack has to include Madonna, Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper, Bon Jovi, Journey, etc. There were also some really incredible one-hit-wonders that dominated the '80s, so don’t leave those out. A monthly membership to Spotify is super budget friendly and you have access to their entire music catalog. You just won’t own the music. But you can add these songs to a party playlist and just let it run. The best part about playing '80s music in this century? No need to flip over a cassette tape. No rewind. Non-stop fun.

2. Incorporate neon colors.

The makeup, the leg warmers, the toys, the jackets, the decor – all of it was brightly colored. So really, you can grab anything in your house that’s in the neon color family and throw it on or display as part of the decor. Use construction paper and cut out some fun designs to put on the walls. Just gather it all and put it out for the party.

3. All hideous fashion trends are welcome.

Speaking of leg warmers, man. The '80s took unflattering fashion trends to a whole new level. Which makes dressing up in '80s attire feel like you’re in a dramatic costume. We’re talking blazers with bunchy sleeves, mesh fingerless gloves, and all kinds of clashing colors and prints. You probably don’t even need to buy anything new! Just pick out some old neon tops, cut the neck wide, layer it over tanks, skirts and tights that in no way match, and you’re good to go.

4. Dress up your drinks.

Two words. Crazy straws! These suckers are cheap, easy to find, and so perfect for this theme. Jello is another great way to use bright colors in cocktail form. You can also label different punch bowls with fun '80s pop culture references. You could have a drink called, “Bueller Bourbon,” or “Lime After Lime,” or “Pretty in Pink.”

5. Party favors – nostalgia included.

Party favors are such a great way to thank your guests for attending and give them a memento from the evening. And what better way to capture the fun of the '80s than with everyone’s favorite '80s candy? Old Time Candy is your go-to for candy party favors. They sell candy from pre 1920s to the 1990s at fantastic prices. And for the '80s, they have everything from Big League Chew, to Caramello bars, to Cow Tales, and even Push Pops! Don’t forget to use an Old Time Candy coupon code at checkout, just a little something to make your savings that much sweeter.

6. Pop some posters on the walls.

John Hughes, to the rescue! Just select a movie cover of any '80s John Hughes movie (because his are the best movies from the decade) and scout out some cheap posters. They make for great decorations and settings for pictures!

Okay, now go make Bill and Ted proud and party hard! 

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