How to Turn Your Digital Photos into Cherished Keepsakes in 15 Simple Steps

When I ask my friends what they would save from their home in a disaster and they all answer the same thing – the photo albums. Since the world’s gone digital, I seem to view these precious moments on my computer more and in print less. I don’t know about you, but I have pictures from my college years with some of my best friends, family weddings and holidays, and international travels just sitting on my hard drive from the past decade and nothing to show for it. Luckily for me, a Shutterfly coupon code for a free 20-page, 8X8 inch photobook put savings in focus and got me to snap to action.

Here’s how to bring those memories to life without spending a ton of dough. Here’s the detailed and easy to follow guide showing you “How to Turn Your Digital Photos into Cherished Keepsakes in 15 Simple Steps.”

Getting started:

1. Grab one of our incredible Shutterfly coupon codes to get an irresistible deal for free or discounted prints, photo albums, greeting cards, stationery, and other custom ways to share.
2. Copy the best code you scout! Find more than one? Snap ‘em all and save ‘em for later.
3. A window will open to Sign-in if you’re a member. Not a member? Not a problem. Complete the simple sign-up process and continue.
4. Scroll to the bottom and click “Enter Special Offer Code” in the lower right.
5. Enter each of the Shutterfly coupon codes you find and click “Add” before inserting the next deal.

Pro Tip: If you enter a bunch of codes and forget what they were for, you can check at any time. Just click “My Shutterfly" in the upper right to open another menu. There you can click “My special offers,” which will show you all the coupons you’ve entered.

6. Return to the shop and select the item you just entered a coupon for to get started on creating your custom memory.
7. Take note of the templates they offer. How many photos would fit? You’ll need to know this once you start selecting pictures. Speaking of…

Lights! Camera! Action! It’s on to the pictures.

8. Time to start planning. Start small. Don’t try to get all those years of priceless shots printed at one time! Pick a theme – a year, trip, event, or other creative idea to guide your decisions.
9. Create an album on your computer of all the photos you cherish related to the theme you choose. You can do this with folders or iPhoto, if you’re a Mac user.
10. Open your project on Shutterfly’s website.
11. A window will open prompting you to “Choose photos for your photo book.” Shutterfly makes it easy giving you the option to select pictures from the folder you created on your hard drive, as well as select from Facebook, Instagram, and other sites.

Pro tip: Have a Mac? Download this free plug-in to upload photos directly from an iphoto album:

12. Now’s your chance to play with Shutterfly’s stunning layout templates. Have fun playing around with different options. Take your time – there’s a lot of options, but don’t worry, they all turn out great.

Pro tip: You can click “Customize Page” in the lower left to adjust the size of any photo on any page. You can even add text to a page that doesn’t have it already!

13. When you’re done click preview.
14. If it’s ready for the presses, click the green “Order” button to continue to complete your purchase.
15. Enter your shipping and billing information and get out you’re wide angle to see just how much you save.

The only thing left is to wait a couple days for it to show up at your doorstep while Shutterfly takes care of the rest. No more heading to the photo store to drop off film, waiting for it develop, and tediously putting pictures in an old-fashioned book. Take advantage of a Shutterfly coupon code and create an elegant design that you’ll never forget. 

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