How Underwear Saved Christmas

Everyone wears underwear. Okay, not everyone, but even the people who don’t are aware that such clothing exists. Where am I going with this? Well...

I started making my Xmas list at my wife’s request and quickly jotted down the first things that occurred to me – Hanes underwear and some Hanes t-shirts. She looked over my shoulder and then the following conversation transpired:

Wife: “Okay underwear and t-shirts, got it.”

Me: “No, HANES underwear and t-shirts.”

Wife: “They’ve got to be Hanes?”

Me: “Well, yeah. Duh.”

She then said something to the effect of, I just like them because Michael Jordan wears them, and I think their commercials are funny. I replied that...

1) I like Hanes because they’re comfortable and last a long time.

2) While I do think Jordan was great, I was always more of a Magic fan back in that day.

3) Yes, their commercials are funny. This one in particular:

See? Hee and hee. He’s wearing cats! Anyway, I went to their website, found exactly what I wanted, and gave her my updated list. She noticed that the underwear and t-shirts had been joined by a hoodie. I suggested that she take a look at their site to see if there was anything that she wanted, or if there was stuff there we could get our kids.

She did, and there was. She then agreed with me that Hanes is great. That made me remember a story I read not that long ago about a burglar breaking into a store and stealing only Hanes products. He could have stolen other brands, but he didn’t - he went straight for the Hanes.

We, of course, strongly urge you to buy them using our Hanes promo codes. You’ll be getting all the style and comfort Hanes is famous for at a discount, plus you’ll avoid the risk of any jail time. It’s a yuletide two-fer.

So, thank you, Hanes. My wife and I no longer have to wonder what to get each other for Xmas, and somewhere out there is a very happy and comfortable burglar whose boxers aren’t chaffing or riding up on him.

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By: Peter

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