HP Announces New Innovations In Security

The Wall Street Journal published a press release from Marketwired on behalf of Hewlett-Packard (HP) announcing new innovations in computer security. Lead by Stanford alumni William Hewlett and Dave Packard, HP is a leader in security industry research and economically priced computers. The technology giant is releasing several new products to combat security threats in the Fall of 2013.

According to Art Gilliland, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Enterprise Security Products division at HP, “Enterprises today aren't facing a single attacker; they are fighting a well-organized, well-funded adversary marketplace. To succeed in thwarting attacks, you need a trusted partner that can provide end-to-end security with enhanced threat intelligence to disrupt the adversary.”

We love HP because they always have so many great coupons and promos. Now it looks like they are the safest computer on the market too.

HP SureStart

SureStart is the computer industry’s first self-healing program. If the HP Eliteook’s system is attacked or corrupted by an outside user, it automatically restores the PC Basic Input / Output System (BIOS). The HP BIOSphere will be a ‘firmware ecosystem’ that organically provides data protection and configurability to HP business PCs.

HP Threat Central

Threat Central is a community-sourced security intelligence platform from which organizations can collaborate together to help prevent future threats. With everyone chipping in their two cents, it should be easier to track the activities of cyber criminals and hackers.

HP TippingPoint Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW)

The new firewall by HP is designed to address new problems caused by recent developments, such as cloud, mobile and BYOD technologies. They promise it will be extremely effective and easy to use with less irritating bugs.

HP ArcSight & HP Fortify

These two programs are data-driven security technologies for security operations teams. Using patented features like HP ArcSight Risk Insight, HP ArcSight Management Center, HP ArcSight Application View, and HP ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) v6.5c, security teams have access to cyber threats in real time, which is much faster than previous systems.

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