Idea Cafe/Avanquest Giveaway On Hold Due to Huge Interest

Last week Avanquest and Idea Cafe announced to the press that they had teamed up. Idea Cafe, a website a social media website and blog for entrepreneurs, will be giving away free copies of Web Easy Professional. The Avanquest program allows anyone to build a website for their small business, even if they have no prior knowledge of HTML code. Although they did note that this free giveaway was available on a limited basis.

Now, just one week later, we have confirmed the the limited supply of Web Easy Pros has been dissipated. Idea Cafe posted this announcement on their webpage, “Due to the huge interest the giveaway is temporarily on hold, but should be back soon. Sorry for the inconvenience!” There must have been an enormous demand for the copies of the software to be snatched up so quickly. But Idea Cafe assures us that a new supply is on its way.

Idea Cafe and Avanquest make a great team because they are both aimed at small business owners. The two are also affiliated with Life Lock Security, an organization that offers insurance against identity theft and web fraud.

Avanquest designs and manufactures a wide range of software that make it easy to make a business go -- from design software and web management to accounting tools and security programs. As well as Web Easy Professional 10, popular programs include My Professional Business Cards, PC Tune Up, and Marine Aquarium Deluxe Screensaver. The company was founded in France during 1988.

Idea Cafe is an up-and-coming outlet for business owners that offers free membership privileges like Business Grant Center, Promote Your Biz, Send Awards & Greetings, and Biz Tops Newsletter. Other useful resources at Business Owners Idea Cafe include tips for running your own business, information on finding grants, sample business plans and other templates, business financing advice, as well as free magazines and eBooks.

Anyone interested in scoring a website for their home business can sign up for free membership at Idea Cafe now. It is probably the best way to stay informed by their informative newsletters, forum discussions, and daily tips for entrepreneurs. For great deals on similar programs check for an Avanquest promo code here. 

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