I’m Addicted to Buying Weird Stuff from LightInTheBox

Yes, I’ve bought non-weird things from LightInTheBox, but more often than not it’s the strange items that that make me hit “Add to Cart.” For example, on the normal side, they pride themselves on their huge selection of affordable wedding dresses. My wife actually knows someone who bought one and was very satisfied, and although I’m in the market for buying weird stuff, buying one for myself would be a little TOO weird, if you get what I’m saying.

With that said, in no particular order, here are my 4 favorite recent purchases:

1. 2.5-Channels PSY Flight Style Infrared Remote Control Helicopter Toy

Hee hee! Look at that! He’s wearing sunglasses! It works great, too. Plus, it really freaks our cat out, which makes it doubly entertaining to fly around the house.

2. Capless Long Body Wave Synthetic Pink Party Hair Wig

I saw this and had to have it. Not sure why. I’m thinking I’ll use it as part of a costume someday, or maybe wear it to work if I want to get fired.

3. Timing Antiseptic Deodorizer Shoe Drying Machine

I don’t like my shoes to be wet, stinky, or septic, so this was a no-brainer for me. I take it along with us on ski trips to dry out our boots and it always performs admirably.

4. 2 Cast Iron Tattoo Gun Kit with LCD Power & 20 Color Ink

Yep, I’m getting into home tattooing. LightInTheBox even has a bunch of tattoo advice pages I can consult so I don’t make a mess of things. I’m thinking I’ll invite some buds over and have a tattoo party. My wife’s friends have all politely declined my invitations, so I’m hoping to have better luck with the guys.

Okay, so those were some of the more off-beat things I’ve gotten courtesy of LightInTheBox. However, like I said earlier, they have loads of regular stuff in many different categories. Here are some of them along with the number of items in each:

  • Weddings & Events (34309)
  • Home & Garden (32613)
  • Fashion & Clothing (37675)
  • Consumer Electronics (10974)
  • Phone & Tablets (2307)
  • Health & Beauty (10404)
  • Shoes (3471)
  • Toys & Hobbies (8853)
  • Sports & Outdoors (8711)

The only thing almost as large as their selection is the number of coupons they offer to save you money off what are already incredibly low prices. Seriously, take some time to browse their site. Not only will you find great merch at great prices, you will be highly entertained at the same time.

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By: Peter

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