Indulge in 5 Fall Flavors at LUSH Cosmetics

Since LUSH Cosmetics always uses such fresh, seasonal ingredients, we were curious as to what flavors they had in store for this autumn and winter. It turns out we can look forward to bath bombs and shower gels that are crisp and spicy at the same time, lip and body moisturizers infused with organic cocoa and citrus, as well as sweet smelling solid perfumes.

Items such as these are pretty much the only calorie free way to gorge yourself on holiday dishes and desserts. They also make great gifts and thoughtful sentiments. Save money on holiday shopping at LUSH Cosmetics with more great gift ideas.

1. Fizzbanger Bath Bomb

The alluring apple and spice bath bomb fizzes and crackles in the signature Love perfume of Gorilla Exclusives at LUSH. According to company representatives, the crisp fragrance of cinnamon and apples will settle into a mellow toffee scent. (6.3 oz, $5.95)

2. Chai Shower Gel

With LUSH's Chai Shower Gel you can steep in spicy suds. It's sort of like climbing into your favorite hot beverage at the coffee shop except that you get clean when you use it. Notes of chai, lemon juice, ginger, allspice, and cinnamon tone skin and warm you up. ($9.95-$28.95)

3. Charity Pot Body Lotion

'Tis the season to be grateful for what we have and help those that are less fortunate. The Charity Pot at LUSH Cosmetics is a fair trade organic cocoa butter with a ylang ylang floral fragrance. Proceeds from every sale go to support grassroots charities across the world. ($5.95-$22.95)

4. Ginger Solid Perfume

The crisp scent and taste of ginger is a familiar part of seasonal desserts and baked goods. Now you can smell like a gourmet ginger snap with hints of mimosa, geranium, rose, ylang ylang and jasmine. The convenient solid formula comes in a portable tube. (0.4 oz, $13.95)

5. Chocolate-Orange Whipstick

The scientists at LUSH Cosmetics toiled for months to develop an all natural chocolate-orange lip balm that smells like the holiday treat. Chocolate Whipstick is made out of beeswax, oats, almond and wheat oil, plus the scent of real chocolate, vanilla, and orange oil. (0.3 oz, $7.25)

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