Interview with a Beauty Expert: Alexis Wolfer

Beauty is more than just skin-deep. That’s why Alexis Wolfer’s blog, The Beauty Bean, features posts that range from health and wellness to beauty and hair. Her focus on a healthy lifestyle and natural beauty ingredients has even earned her the nickname “The Female Beauty MacGyver!” Want to know where Alexis gets her inspiration? Read our interview with this beauty/lifestyle expert to find out more!

Your blog, The Beauty Bean, covers beauty, health, and wellness topics. What made you decide to start the site back in 2010?

I wanted to create a place for women to get their beauty and lifestyle content in an empowering, positive way. I have my master’s in Human Rights/Women’s Studies and fundamentally believe that the ultimate human right is the right to love yourself, and I wanted to do my part to help women (myself included!) find that confidence and self-love – all in a glamorous way, of course! really is the perfect overlap of my passion for women’s rights and background in women’s editorial.

You’ve also written a great book called “The Recipe for Radiance: Discover Beauty’s Best-Kept Secrets in Your Kitchen” that has DIY beauty recipes. What ingredients do you recommend having on hand for these at-home recipes?

Thank you! I think full-fat greek yogurt is the base of LOTS of amazing face masks, so I always have that in my fridge. It’s packed with probiotics to balance bacteria on the skin and lactic acid to break down dead skin cells and fat to moisturize. I love it as a full-face mask or just as a spot treatment to reduce the inflammation and redness of a pimple. I also love apple cider vinegar as a toner and eggs to rejuvenate your complexion.

“Access Hollywood” named you “The Female Beauty MacGyver” because of your ability to whip up food-based beauty products. Is there an ingredient that you were scared to try that actually ended up working really well?

Not really – I guess you don’t become “The Female Beauty MacGyver” without being open to trying anything and everything!

You’ve also been named a top blogger by publications as varied as, CNN, and Teen Vogue. What blogs do you head to in order to keep up with the trends?

I love The Cut (NY Magazine’s fashion blog), and I read the NY Times (especially the science and health sections) and Jezebel regularly. But when it comes to trend discovery, it’s usually more about what I see around me.

Aside from beauty, you also have brains! You attended Washington University in St. Louis and received your Master’s from Columbia University. How do you think this background has helped shape your career?

I think my education has been instrumental! Had I not stumbled into an Intro To Women’s Studies class at Wash U I would have never discovered my passion for women’s rights, and had it not been for professors at Columbia who encouraged me to marry my passion for fashion and beauty with my passion for women’s rights, I’d probably be working for the UN right now!

Your site also includes in-depth posts about fitness and health. Why did you want to cover these areas along with beauty stories?

Beauty, to me, is far more about how we feel than it is about anything else. Treating your body with love and respect (in the form of feeding it well and moving it often) is essential to that.

You have a huge following on Twitter with over 20,000 (!) fans. How has this interaction with your readers influenced the content on your blog?

Knowing, in real time, what our fans/readers are responding most to helps us to figure out what we should do next.

You’re also killing it on Instagram. How do you decide which pics to include in your account? And what do you hope your followers will gain from viewing your pics?

I really just post whatever inspires me. My feed really is a sneak peak into my world – sometimes that means me hanging out with my pup, sometimes it’s beauty-related, often it’s in my kitchen! I really just want my followers to see how easy it can be to live a healthy, beautiful life inside and out and what that means for me…

There’s a great Celebrity section on your site. Which celebrity’s beauty style inspires you?

I don’t really look to celebrities for style inspiration…I’m much more likely to find inspiration in the environment, art, etc. and to really foster my imagination!

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