Interview with a Finance Expert: Wes Moss

The world of personal finance and investing can be overwhelming. Luckily, there are experts like Wes Moss out there! His blog and radio show help demystify a variety of different money topics for consumers at all levels of wealth. Not sure what you should be doing to better manage your finances? Read on for Wes’ sage advice!

Your site,, includes both blog articles and your radio shows about the world of finance. What gave you the idea to start the site?

I started my site 10 years ago after “The Apprentice” with Donald Trump. As I have become more involved with the media and in business, the site has evolved.

You received a degree in economics from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. How did studying larger economic systems influence how you view your own finances?

I think about economics every single day, in both my business and personal life. I'm a believer in having economic and financial flexibility in my own budgeting and spending decisions. Those personal economic decisions impact my choices for the strategic direction of my companies.

You’re the host of the radio show, “Money Matters,” which covers a range of investment and personal finance topics. What are some of the most challenging subjects for you to advise people about?

It's often challenging to talk about what's happening in the economy in general because what's happening on a large scale in the US doesn't always mirror what's happening in any given household. Every person's individual situation is unique.  

Barron’s magazine named you as one of America’s top 1,200 financial advisers (congrats!). What are 2 or 3 things someone should look for when choosing their own financial advisor?

1) Trust

2) The advisor's ability to be objective

3) The advisor's ability to fully understand your specific needs and goals.

You’ve written 3 books, including “You Can Retire Sooner Than You Think.” How can an individual calculate how much money they’ll need to retire comfortably?

This often seems like an overwhelming question, but it's one of the easiest variables to figure out in financial planning. For most families, we calculate their guaranteed income streams in retirement and find "the gap" they will need to fill in spending once they stop working. Then, we figure out what size nest egg it will take to fill that gap, assuming a 5% withdrawal rate (on average) over time.

You contribute advice to sites like and What sources do you head to for solid financial advice?

I read Barron's every weekend. I listen to Bloomberg Surveillance religiously and I subscribe to several research firms that provide daily research covering economics, politics, and market trends.  

You’re a proud dad of 3 sons. What lessons do you hope to pass down to them about money? And can you share one way that you have been able to teach your children about fiscal responsibility?

I am trying to teach my children that creativity and hard work are two of the most important skills in life in order to make a living. I talk to my kids about that on a daily basis. Hard work is the only sure fire way to achieve success.

With more than 20,000 (!) followers on Twitter, you have a large fanbase. How have your fans influenced the content you produce for your blog or radio show?

My content comes from the real work I do with clients at my firm every day. I engage regularly with my radio audience and social media connections, and I am often inspired by the questions they ask to generate content. I have found that all people have the same money questions, no matter what level of wealth.

You also work as the Chief Investment Strategist at Capital Investment Advisors (CIA). What advice would you offer to people who want to invest their money, but aren’t sure how to get started?

Wela. It's an old English word for wealth, and it's a digital advice platform backed up by real live people designed to answer financial questions that relate to important life events. It's something that myself and my team at Wela have been developing for years and believe it is the future of financial planning, particularly for those who are relatively new to the investing game. The platform launches January 7th at, and we are extremely proud.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions! Any last minute words of wisdom for our CouponPal readers?

My favorite Ben Franklin quote is "Remember not to be penny wise and pound foolish."

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