Interview with a Health Expert: Ari Meisel

Many of us might not be the picture of perfect health because of a lack of exercise or poor diet. That’s why we should be listening to Ari Meisel! This health expert has recovered from a serious illness and has become well-versed in leading a productive life (including knowing how to balance nutrition and fitness). Read on for Ari’s answers to our questions about getting healthy!

You developed your site Less Doing, More Living after overcoming a serious illness. How did you decide to start sharing your life lessons?

Once I felt that I was succesfully on the path to remission through nutrition, supplement, fitness, and most importantly, stress management, I competed to be chosen to give a TEDx Talk.

You were diagnosed with Crohn’s disease back in 2006, but were able to free yourself of all symptoms. What do you attribute your good health to?

I did a lot of experimentation with nutrition, supplements, and exercise, but in the end, the thing that had the most impact was stress management through the creation of a new system of productivity called Less Doing.

After recovering from Crohn’s, you were actually able to compete in the Ironman France competition in 2011. What lessons did you learn from completing the race?

I never want to do it again. It consumed my life for over a year, and it was an incredible experience that let me prove to myself that I would not be prevented from doing ANYTHING because of this illness.

You’re considered an ‘efficiency expert.’ What are some key concepts someone can use to streamline their day? And what are some common mistakes that make people inefficient?

A big thing you can do is create their "Manual of You:" a set of checklists for how to go through the processes in your life, which you can then optimize, automate, and outsource. To-do lists are terrible for your productivity and really work against you.

You’ve even published several books, including one with the same name as your site. In it, you write about the three fundamentals of wellness (fitness, sleep, and nutrition). How do you maintain control over these three areas?

Well, right now I'm a father of three boys under the age of three, so it's particularly challenging. For fitness, I am extremely active every day with my kids, and I do one focused long workout each week. For sleep, I track the quality of my sleep using a Beddit, and I wear blue blocking glasses an hour before bed to avoid the melatonin depleting effects of TVs and iPhones. My diet is high fat, low sugar. I eat lots of wild caught salmon, coconut oil, avocados, and plenty of grass fed butter.

You’re a proponent of using technology to improve health. What specific programs or apps do you use to manage your health?

Sleep tracking is one of the most impactful, and I use the Beddit for that. The Basis watch is the best fitness tracker there is. I use Inside Tracker to get my blood tested a few times per year.

You’ve also written about creating an ‘external brain’ in the Cloud to keep track of appointments or ideas. What does this look like, and what’s an easy way to set it up?

I typically recommend Evernote, and the trick is to overuse it. Don't hesitate - when you get a new idea, get it out of your head and into Evernote.

With more than 10,000 (!) followers on Twitter, you have a great connection with your readers. Have you ever received any unique productivity hacks that you’ve incorporated into your own life?

People make recommendations all the time, a lot of the more interesting ones come under the category of "household management."

Your site includes both blog posts and podcasts. Where do you go for inspiration on what content to cover?

I go through about 1,000 blog posts everyday and read a ton of scientific studies.Then, as soon as I get an idea, I put it in Evernote and let it marinate for a while.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions! Anything else you want to tell our CouponPal readers?

I have several coaching programs, and I do consulting to companies, with more info at

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