Interview with a Style Expert: BaubleBar's Lauren Yee

Obsessed with jewelry? Then, the BaubleBar is a dream come true. With unique pieces and helpful styling services, you’ll never want to shop anywhere else for your accessories. To find out how BaubleBar keeps up with the trends, we interviewed Lauren Yee from their Digital Marketing department. Read her answers to find out what styles you should watch out for this year and how to take advantage of everything BaubleBar offers their customers.

You work in Digital Marketing at BaubleBar. What makes BaubleBar different from other jewelry companies, and why do you think you have such loyal customers?

I think our customers love our fast-fashion model for jewelry. We’re constantly at the forefront of the latest trends and are able to offer our pieces to them at affordable prices, which keep them coming back for more.

Also, we focus on the whole customer experience, whether that includes chatting with one of our SWAT* (Service With Accessorizing Talent) Stylists to pick out the perfect statement necklace or the excitement and presentation of opening up a BaubleBar delivery.

One of our favorite features is the guest bartender program featuring celebrities (like your recent campaign with Emma Roberts ). Can you explain how the program works to our readers? And who were you the most excited to feature?

For our Guest Bartender campaigns, we work with fashion’s taste-makers and influencers to curate their own BaubleBar collections. It’s great to see their vision in each of the pieces and be able to share their own style with our customers and their fans.

We were very excited for Emma Roberts’ collection, and it’s been great to see such a positive response. We’re also excited for our upcoming collaborations that you’ll have to stay tuned to see!

We’re huge fans of the site because you offer the hottest jewelry trends. What are some of your favorite items on the site that you can’t find anywhere else?

It’s hard to choose, but our selection of ear jackets and ear crawlers right now includes some of my favorites. They’re so fun to wear and can really amp up any outfit!

Now that we’re finally into 2015, what are some key jewelry trends that women should try?

Ear adornments and pendant necklaces are a few of the key trends that I definitely recommend.  Our ear adornments  give such a unique silhouette and can be worn with a casual tee and jeans or a dress for a night out.

For something more subtle but still on trend, I think pendants are the perfect accessory. Plus, I love layering pendants of different lengths to really give a cohesive and modern look.

For those who are a little intimidated by trying out a new style, BaubleBar offers help from personal stylists . How does this program work? And who are the stylists?

We have a great team of SWAT Stylists that can help you with any accessorizing question you may have. From picking out a gift for a special someone or styling an entire bridal party, our SWAT team will be able to help find the perfect pieces.

Shoppers can even live video chat with one of our stylists to get real-time accessorizing advice. Our SWAT Stylists also have their own SWAT Instagram accounts so you can find inspiration from their personal style and see the latest trends to go up on our site.

We’re all about saving money over here at CouponPal. What are some of your favorite ways to save on accessories?

When it comes to saving on accessories, I’m constantly searching on sites like CouponPal that will show me the latest offers. Timing is also something I always think about, if I know there is a big sales holiday coming up like Presidents’ Day, I’ll wait to see different brands are offering before making any purchases.

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