Introduction to Toshiba's Double Circle

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Toshiba’s original web anime “Double Circle” takes place in a fictional city called Kawasaki. The main characters Asagi, Akane, EMU, Nanoha, and Tama-chan must battle a nameless enemy that is sapping energy from the city. In each installment of the series the citizens of Kawasaki will transform into heroes who fight for renewable energy.

The exciting project was introduced to the public in October 2013 via a new website and Tumblr account. Toshiba representatives revealed that the show would revolve around the residents of Kawasaki, who incorporate their ideas of clean energy and new technology to become heroes.

“Double Circle” will revolve around the lives of five different characters. Asagi is a redhead who works at the Kawasaki City Office. Akane is an engineer that works for the community center. EMU is a mysterious foreign man who lives on a boat. Then there is Nanoha, a "digital native" and tech-prodigy, and Tama-chan, the alien girl from space.

The plot of the animated series revolves around infinitely-evolving energy and a Japanese city filled with technology users. Beyond just providing entertainment with a new cartoon, it seems fair to say that Toshiba has unveiled a new approach to issues of sustainability. 

The anime is part of a bigger project for Toshiba, who consecutively announced they were opening a Smart Community Center near the Kawasaki (Train) Station in the Tokyo metropolitan area. The center will serve as a hub for professionals and innovators who are part of the Smart Community movement, a push to create more environmentally-friendly and sustainable housing and businesses in Japan and worldwide.

Want to check out the series? Click here  to check out the first episode on YouTube, with English subtitles.

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