Is It Safe To Order Checks Online?

Reordering your checks through your bank may have become a habit, but it’s certainly not the only, or the easiest, option. There are many online check printing services that allow you to quickly order replacement checks online, often for a discounted price – plus you can use coupon codes  to save even more. Not only that, they usually offer more variety of check designs and even custom photo checks. The question is, is it safe to order checks online? Here’s what I found out.


Yes, it’s safe to order checks online, as long as you take a few precautions.

The truth is, even your bank orders their checks! So ordering checks online from a trusted site is actually like buying checks wholesale instead of retail. Just make sure you follow these steps to stay secure when ordering your checks:

1. Start by finding a reputable check printer to order your checks online. Carousel Checks , Checks Unlimited , and  are all legitimate and trusted sites that hold their checks to the same standard (set by the American National Standards Institute ) that your bank is held to. Make sure that when you reach the personalization and payment page, your web browser says “https://” and not just “http://”. This means you’re on a secure site.


2. Look for check printing sites that are part of the CPSA (Check Payment Systems Association). This association sets the security standards for the check printing industry, so if the check printing company is approved by the CPSA then it is guaranteed to be secure. You can tell if a company is approved by the CPSA by looking for the small padlock icon on the checks, just below where you write in the dollar amount.

3. Check out the safety features. In their FAQ sections, most check printing sites will detail the security features they use when printing your checks. These features may include micro security print (printing that will break up if photocopied), special paper with chemical protection, and security screens on the back of checks that will differentiate original checks from reproductions.

4. Make sure the online check printing company offers a satisfaction guarantee & an easy way to contact their customer service team. This means that the company is transparent with their policies, and that if anything should go wrong with your order you’ll be able to get it replaced. Remember, though, that most check printing companies have policies that say spelling mistakes you make when ordering your checks are your own responsibility – so check twice before submitting your order!

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