Is Vision Insurance Worth It?

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In short, yes!

Thinking about getting vision insurance, but not sure it’s going to pay off? The truth is, even with the cost of vision insurance you’ll definitely be saving money on vision care costs. Think about how much you spend every year on your eyes – eye exams, glasses frames and lenses, maybe contacts and lens enhancements.

All the costs can really add up, but if you have vision insurance it’ll be the savings that add up. Here are 5 reasons it’s worth it to sign up for a vision insurance plan:

1. Eye exams for you and your family.

Even if you don’t use vision correction (glasses or contacts) now, there’s always a chance that your vision will deteriorate and you’ll need to use it in the future. That’s why it’s important to have regular eye exams – especially for children, whose eyes are still changing. Without vision insurance, eye exams can cost over $150. Vision insurance, like VSP Direct  for example, can take that cost down to only $15 per exam.


2. Glasses.

If you need them, glasses frames and lenses can be a big expense. Even if you don’t go for the fanciest frames out there, they’re still pretty expensive. Then, you’re not going to want to have the same glasses forever – styles change, and you’re going to want to change your look.

With vision insurance, you can definitely afford to get those new glasses you’ve been wanting. Typical vision insurance plans give you a certain dollar allowance toward your glasses, like VSP Direct which gives you $150 to spend on glasses or contacts. And speaking of...

3. Contacts.

If you prefer to go the contacts route, you know that contacts can be a real drain on your wallet. In fact, without insurance contacts can cost up to $500 per year. Yikes! With a vision insurance plan, you’ll typically get an allowance towards glasses or contacts – your choice. Most insurance plans will specify a dollar amount that they’ll cover toward contacts, and beyond that you’ll have to pay out of pocket. Even if you end up spending more than your insurance plan covers, this still means you’ll save a huge portion of the cost of having contact lenses.



If you’re thinking you may need LASIK or PRK laser surgery, one of your first questions is probably, Does insurance cover LASIK? As a relatively expensive procedure, this is a question on many people’s minds when they think about getting vision insurance,

Unfortunately, with most plans, the answer is no – not entirely, at least. But many plans do offer discounts on LASIK and PRK procedures. VSP Direct offers up to $500 off  LASIK for members.

5. Lens enhancements.

Tired of glasses glare in all of your photos? Tired of scratches on your lenses? If you don’t have vision insurance, getting optional lens enhancements like anti-glare, scratch resistance, and UV protection can be prohibitively expensive. You don’t really need these enhancements, but they sure make life easier.

If you have vision insurance, however, you’ll only have to pay a fraction of the normal price of lens enhancements, and they become much more affordable. For example, without insurance you might have to pay over $200 on lens enhancements. With a plan from VSP, you could end up saving about half of that price. With vision insurance, you can afford to have your glasses and your fancy lenses, too.


The final word is, yes, vision insurance is worth it. You’ll likely end up saving hundreds of dollars a year if you get insurance, especially if you can find a really affordable plan for you and your family, like those offered through VSP Direct

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