Kaspersky Makes Finding the Right Antivirus Software Easy

There is a lot of choice in antivirus software available, and it can be difficult to discern the difference between programs and companies. One software provider, Kaspersky, is making the job a little bit easier by giving you free tools to help you decide which of their incredible programs to buy with a deal making Kaspersky coupon code.

Kaspersky’s website features a handy Help Me Choose option that helps customers understand the difference between their programs and select the best antivirus software for your needs. The system factors in whether you connect to wireless Internet in public locations, do your banking online, play games online, use social media websites, track passwords, store photos or music on your computer, or need to observe children’s behavior online.

I was naturally skeptical of the interface. It’s a sales tool – shouldn’t I expect it to sell me the most expensive software no matter what selections I make?

Unlike similar programs, Kaskersky’s Help Me Choose is transparent in selecting a product for you. As you click on the options, you can see the recommendation change as well. Have kids, own a PC, invest online, work at a coffee shop, and have a Facebook account, but you don’t use a smartphone, store passwords, or keep photos on your computer: Kaskersky Internet Security 2013 is your choice. Switch over to a Mac? Better get Kaspersky ONE Universal Security.

It thoroughly impressed me. The only thing that could be easier is if it plugged in one of our cost-cutting Kaspersky coupons for you, too. 

That’s where we come to your aide. We have terrific Kaspersky coupons for you no matter which great software you select! It’s just one more free tool to help make your life easier. 

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