Keep Those Fitness Resolutions Going Strong into Spring

As soon as January ends, the buzz around New Year’s resolutions turns into a hushed hum. Nobody cares anymore. Why? Is it because we all know we’ve abandoned most, if not all, of them by now? Are we trying to spare the feelings of those who have given up, knowing that our focused determination has only been strengthening? If one of your resolutions was to get in better shape, don’t give up. We’ve only just scratched the surface of 2014, and there’s plenty of time to reach your goals before swimsuit season hits.

The key to achieving any dream is having the right tools. For me, reaching my fitness goals for 2014 meant upgrading my workout gear. My yoga pants were riddled with thinning fabric, frayed bottoms, and even a hole or two. My sports bras were grossly discolored and stretched. My tees were so old that they were made of 100% cotton - before the universe discovered breathable, heavenly mesh / nylon / spandex blends.

How can anyone excel in any physical activity if they’re uncomfortable? Your clothes should fit you so well that you don’t notice them during your workout. They should only enhance your performance – not hinder it. Just because you aren’t a pro athlete doesn’t mean you don’t deserve quality workout attire. And just because you want something durable and comfortable doesn’t mean you need to spend hundreds of dollars on it. I found some great activewear for less than $65 – and you can too!

The first thing you need to figure out is your go-to workout. Mine is a mix of kickboxing, weight lifting, and yoga. For this routine, I’m most comfortable in a super soft tee or tank top and cropped yoga pants. That’s a pretty versatile ensemble that would work for most physical activities.

I can’t deny the insanely reasonable prices at, and their selection is just so big it’s ridiculous, so that was my first and only stop on this shop.

I found three pairs of cropped workout pants for less than $20 each, so I had to add those to my cart.

Then I landed just under the $50 minimum in order to get free shipping, so I added a super soft tee (cotton / polyester / rayon blend), to my cart since I needed a new one anyway.

I realize this is more of a basic, casual tee, but with a fabric blend like that, I want it for my workouts as well as my everyday life.

Then I obviously checked CouponPal for any additional F21 discount codes that would possibly lower my total, but unfortunately, free shipping was the most I could get that day. My final total ended up being $62.98 for three pairs of workout bottoms and one top. Not too shabby, eh?

Think about how much we spend on cleanses, diet pills, and other quick fixes for weight loss that won’t last. Hard work and dedication is the only weight loss magic you need. And if you need to upgrade your activewear to jump start your motivation, then you deserve to do so.

Keep truckin’, people. New Year’s Eve will be back before you know it.

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